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I recently conducted a love and gratitude 30-day trial where I sent a note of love and/or gratitude to one person per day. I discussed the results of this trial in my post Tell Them Now and urged others who conducted the trial to share their experiences with me as well. Here is what I received from some of my readers.

“Erin, this 30 day trial was amazing. I decided to call people on the phone instead of sending emails. I didn’t end up making 30 calls but I did end up with 17. I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience this was for me and my family and friends. At first it was hard because I wasn’t sure exactly how to explain what I was doing but eventually I found my rhythm and it was easier. Without an exception, I ended up going so deep with each person, and it gave them a chance to tell me how much they love me too. Thanks for doing the trial. I’m going to keep it in mind throughout the year!” – Maria

“Great experience here for me, Erin. I had the best reaction from my father. I’ve never really told him how much I love him, and more importantly, WHY I love him. He was so touched by what I said that he had tears streaming down his face. Then I started tearing up myself. It was crazy, but so cathartic. I haven’t had that amazing a connection with my father in decades. Thanks for doing this. It was awesome!” – John

“What a great experiment this was! I forgot some days but picked it right back up again, especially when you reminded us on facebook. The people I sent notes too were stunned. Like you, a lot of people wrote back that they were speechless. They just didn’t know how to respond. It’s interesting because I think most people expect complaints, and when they get love instead, it just sort of blows them away. I loved the experience. I definitely got as much out of it as them!” – Angela

“Loved the experiment. As I went along my notes started getting longer and longer. I really got into a groove. I was on a high each time I wrote something, and got even higher when they wrote something nice back. Way cool! You rock, Erin. Keep the love flowing!” – Markus

I also got an email from one of my readers who was attending a birthday party. The person planning the party asked each of the guests to write something about the birthday girl about what they appreciate and love about her. Then she made it into a book and presented it to the birthday girl. Imagine what a lovely and precious gift that was to know how you’ve positively impacted all your friends and family. Think about doing this for someone’s big birthday (40, 50, etc.).

Spread the love. Once a week. Once a month. Every day. Or just when the spirit moves you. What you put out into the world will come back to you a hundred-fold. When you raise people’s vibrations, it sends ripples of love and positive energy throughout the world. Makes the world a nicer place for everyone.

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