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10 Ways Your Intuition Helps You Have a Better Life

I’ve been intuitive as long as I can remember. Around the age of 4 is when I have my first memories of using my intuition. It wasn’t until I was much older, though, that I learned how to access my intuition when I wanted information instead of waiting for flashes of intuition to hit me out of the blue.

Once I discovered that I could access my intuition on command, a whole new way of living opened up to me. It’s like having another sense beyond seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. It’s knowing. It’s getting information that doesn’t come through logic or reason or probability, yet it’s accurate and helpful.

After I mastered accessing my own intuition, I trained to the point where I could tune in to other people and get guidance for them when they couldn’t get it for themselves. Today I’m a professional intuitive, able to relay information between my clients and their guides so they can get solutions to all of their problems, plus wisdom and insight on their path. I know for a fact that being intuitive helps you have a better life, but I know there are people out there who don’t understand the power of intuition and what it can do for you. So here are 10 ways your intuition can help you (yes YOU) have a better life:

1. Saves You Time
I frequently read for clients who chose a college major, graduated, and at the age of 22 or 24 realize they aren’t remotely interested in getting a job in their field of study. A quick tap into their intuition when they were 17 and applying to college could easily have saved them 4-6 years of wasted time.

A more mundane example would be the time my intuition told me to grab $40 out of the bank before picking my kids up from school Even though there was no logical reason that I could think of, I went and got the $40 from the ATM. When I got to school, the aftercare worker told me we owed them $40. I whipped out the $40 I had just gotten, paid my bill, and took my kid and left. If I hadn’t listened to my intuition I would have had to drive back to the bank to get money and then back to school to get my kid.

And this happens all the time. When you’ve got your intuition on speed dial, you save time. Period! Whether it’s the little things that save 20 minutes or the big things that save 10 years, why waste time when you don’t have to?

2. Saves You Money
If you know in advance that something is a waste of money, you get to keep your money or spend it on something more worthwhile. Let’s say your sister-in-law needs to borrow money for her business and asks you for the dough. You tune in to your intuition and ask if your sister-in-law is going to pay you back. Your intuition tells you she means well but won’t be able to pull off the undertaking. You politely decline and put the money in your kid’s college fund instead. Money saved is money earned.

I recall a time one of my friends told me to invest in a company he was sure was going to do well financially. Even though on paper it looked like a good deal, and even though my very smart friend was investing a lot of money in the company, my intuition told me not to do it. I was almost disappointed because it looked so good on paper. As it turned out, 2 years later the company still wasn’t off the ground and in fact had plummeted so low that its stock wasn’t worth more than a few cents a share. My friend lost his life savings.

3. Makes You Money
Just as having intuition can save you money, it can also earn you money. You can use your intuition to help you make investments, to know what real estate purchases to make, to know who to work with, or what company to work for. I’ve had clients who have made millions of dollars off their intuition. I’ve also had clients who have used their intuition to come up with ideas for a fiction novel, a piece of artwork, or some jewelry they were creating – all sorts of creative ideas can come through intuition and generate money for you.

4. Gets You a Great Relationship
I can’t stress this one enough. You can get intuitive insight on every single person you meet. You can know almost immediately whether a person is right for you or whether there is an incompatibility that will manifest into a break-up situation.

Think of the heartache and anguish you could avoid if, when you met someone, you knew they were a cheater, a beater, a gold-digger or an addict.

Think of the utter bliss of being with someone you love, and knowing they love you.

Your intuition can guide you to the right meeting with the right person at just the right time and place. But you’ve got to be listening and acting on that intuitive information. If you aren’t accessing your intuition, you don’t get the information.

5. Allows You To Help Others
You can use your own intuition to help your friends and loved ones. You will know just what to say to inspire, motivate, or assist them. You’ll know when they’re down but hiding it, so you can gently support them emotionally and help them out of their slump. You’ll know what they most need to hear to help them. It’s really a gift to be able to help others, and being able to access your intuition will allow you to be the drop of water that sends ripples of positivity through the lives of others.

6. Improves Your Health
You can tune in to your own body and know intuitively what’s wrong with it. I’ve done readings where I’ve told clients about health issues that could literally have killed them if they didn’t get treatment in time. After doing this a few times I felt like quite the superhero, out there saving lives with my intuitive “super powers”.

You can use this ability before you try a diet or procedure to know whether it’s going to work for you or not. You can use it to prevent injuries that would sideline you for weeks or months. And let’s not even get into the more severe health issues – intuition can be your own personal life saver.

7. Helps You Find Your Life Purpose
I use my intuition to make sure I stay on the path of my life purpose. I use it to tune in to my higher self and spirit guides and get valuable advice, wisdom, and insight related to my path, then I make adjustments that will get me where I want to go faster.

You can use your intuition to tune in to your life purpose and check in along the way to make sure you are still on track. Being aligned with your life purpose feels fantastic, like you are in the flow, not even needing to row your boat down the river of life, but instead letting the current pull you in the right direction.

8. Helps You Solve Problems
You can ask your intuition for help in solving problems. I do this all the time. I get stuck with a problem or situation whose solution eludes me, so I get quiet, tune in to my intuition, and just ask what I need to know to help me solve the problem. Often your intuition sees something you don’t, or has a piece to the puzzle that you don’t, and when you get intuitive information you can then clearly see what you need to do. It’s really powerful in that way.

For example, I was dealing with a difficult relative recently and just couldn’t figure out how to get through to them, so I tuned in to my intuition, heard what I needed to hear, and was able to approach the situation in a much better way so that we had a greater understanding.

I’ve also used my intuition to figure out what steps to take next with my business, how to handle my daughter’s issue with homework, and how to switch my diet to be better aligned with health.

9. Can Save Your Life in an Emergency
Stories abound of people who were in life or death emergency situations and heard a little voice in their head guiding them out of danger. That voice is your intuition. The more familiar you are with what your intuitive modality is and how you personally receive intuition, the more likely you’ll be able to access and hear that voice when you really need it. So the sooner you know how your intuition works, the better!

10. Helps You Forgive Others
Developing your intuition and being able to access it consciously will help you in any personal conflict because you’ll be able to intuit what the other person really means, not just what they’re saying, so you can directly address what they mean and not what they say. You can also use your intuition to better understand where a person is coming from so you don’t jump to conclusions or end up in a long drawn out battle. This leads to forgiveness and understanding, and less conflict in your life. When someone is yelling at you, most of the time all you hear is their words. With intuition, you’ll hear their pain, which you can address directly, and which usually has nothing to do with you.

How to Develop Your Intuition
Now you know how beneficial it is to develop your intuition. So now how do you do it? You can read books, articles and blogs. You can get an audio program. You can work with a professional intuitive and get coaching. There are many ways.

I invite you to come to my Intuition Development Workshop, April 28-29, 2012 where you will spend two full days learning how to understand, access, and strengthen your intuition. And you’ll have this skill and ability the rest of your life.

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