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How Your Vibration Impacts Your Path

What’s your dominant emotional state? Are you usually chipper, happy, and in a place of joy? Or are you depressed, sad, upset or anxious a lot?

Your emotional state has a huge impact on your life path. Have you noticed that when you’re excited and happy you feel unstoppable? Things just fall into place. It’s like money drops from the sky. Relationships get better. Things start going better at work. You’re in the flow. Everything you think about manifests. Everything you want just drops right into your lap.

But what happens when you’re anxious, worried, and upset? Have you noticed that things keep getting worse? You fall out of flow and everything is a struggle. The pieces of your life start falling down like a house of cards. Someone gets sick. You get chewed out at work. Your loved one wants some space. You can’t get anything done. Even simple things become difficult.

What’s happening is that your vibrational state is having a direct impact on your life path.

When you are happy and at a high vibration, you attract positive experiences. Life just gets better. You’re totally in the flow. Your boat is sailing along with the current and you don’t even have to paddle.

When you are happy, and “bad” things happen, you shrug them off more easily. You keep your vibration high, you handle your problem, and you keep going. To extend the metaphor, your boat hit a rock, but you were so on top of the situation that you easily maneuvered around the obstacle and just kept right on going. Barely scratched and dented.

Being happy doesn’t mean you avoid pain, it means the pain can’t bring you down and cripple you.

Now if you’re prone to feelings of sadness, upset, anxiety, and worry, then when something negative happens, instead of handling it and moving on, it’s going to stop you in your tracks. It’s like getting caught on a big rock and no matter how hard you try to get unstuck, you just can’t get your boat off the rocks. You’re trying, but the water is beating you up from behind. You’re frustrated. Upset. And even though you’re trying hard to get unstuck, you can’t.

In this situation, you’re trying to stay with the current, and be in the flow, but you got overwhelmed. How do you get unstuck? You must adjust your vibration. You can’t get unstuck from the same emotional place that got you stuck. You’re unresourceful. You can’t see how to get off the rock.

You may need to ask for help from others. You may need to stop struggling for a minute, tune in to your guides, and listen to their guidance. It’s their job to assist you when you get stuck. But the most important thing you can do to get unstuck is to raise your vibration. Yes, even when you’re being battered and beaten and you can’t see a way out, your best course of action is to raise your vibration.

The reason is that you can’t get away from feeling upset, sad, and scared while you’re feeling upset, sad, and scared. You can only get away from those feelings by feeling something else.

But how are you supposed to adjust your feelings if you’re feeling them?!?! The answer is temporarily. You can temporarily choose a higher vibration. Even when you are in the pit of despair, you must find a higher vibration, even if just for a few minutes. Find something to laugh about. Dance a little. Sing at the top of your lungs. Meditate. Do whatever makes you feel happy, even if it’s just for 10 minutes or a couple of hours.

Because when you can pop yourself into a higher vibration, resources come. Thoughts you couldn’t have at the lower vibration now flow to you easily. Help arrives. Ideas come. And you suddenly see exactly how you’re going to get off the rock.

If you give in to despair, however, you will thrash around until you’re so tired you can’t fight and struggle anymore. You’ll want to give up, sink, and maybe even end your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Learning to master your vibration is critical to having a life of joy versus a life of heartache.

There will always be events and circumstances in your life over which you have no control. Stuff happens. You can’t prevent negative things from happening to you. But how you react to them determines the quality of your life.

You can choose your emotions. You can raise your vibration. You can decide if you’re going with the current or struggling to paddle upstream.

Practice raising your vibration. For 10 minutes a day, be ridiculously positive, happy, and exuberant. Then go back to what you were feeling before. After you’ve mastered 10 minutes, try 20, and so on. Before long, you’ll be more comfortable being in the higher vibrational states and it will be a lot easier to get there.

The more time you spend in those states, the more amazing and wonderful your life is going to be. Don’t believe me? Try it. What do you have to lose except that sad face?

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