The Importance of Letting Go

What are you holding on to right now that is potentially preventing you from moving forward in your life? What anchor holds your feet fast to the past? Is there anything or anyone in your life that is dragging you down?

Is it a grudge? Is it a hope? A wish that never came true? A fantasy? A desire?

How long have you held onto it? How long has it held you in place?

You’ve got to let go.

We all do it. It’s quite common. I’ve read for thousands of people, and I see the pattern. We hold on to something because it feels important to us. Life or death sometimes.

Sometimes it’s a relationship that ended a long time ago, but we just can’t let go. We’re not ready. There was a different resolution we wanted. And we hold on to this crazy belief that somehow, some way, we can get it back. We can put a new spark in it. The other person will come to their senses.

Sometimes it’s tragedy. An untimely death. We pine for what could have been. What should have been. What we were entitled to.

Sometimes it’s a dream, a desire, a hope, a wish. Something we’ve wanted for years but has never happened. Something that always seems to be just ahead, but is actually further away than it’s ever been. What seems like something in the future is actually just a reflection of a past desire that never came to fruition.

Sometimes it’s a grudge. We were wronged. We want justice. We’re waiting for the world to correct the egregious error it imposed upon us without our consent.

You’ve got to let it go.

Why? Because it’s dead weight. Old news. In the past. Gone.

The longer you hold on to the past, the longer it takes to move forward.

You can’t attract something new when your energetic space is filled with too much of the old. And the old doesn’t serve you. All that “stuff” you’re holding on to is an anchor, holding you in place, indeed sometimes pulling you down into the oceanic depths where there is no air, nothing to breathe.

And sometimes you don’t realize you’re holding on to the old until you make a conscious effort to let it go and see what happens.

Think of something that is holding you back right now. A relationship. A dream. A grudge. A mortgage. Debt. A dead end job. Beliefs. Fears. Hope. You’ll know it’s dead weight if, when you think about it, you feel yourself slip into a lower vibration such as fear, shame, guilt, anger, or sadness.

Now make the decision to let it go. Breathe in, hold it, breathe out, and let it go. Write it on a piece of paper and burn it. Put it in a box and bury it in the backyard. Toss a stone into the ocean as a symbol of whatever it is. Write about it in your journal. Tell a friend you are letting something go. Make a phone call to the appropriate agency and tell them no more, you’re done, you’ve had enough. Decide you will let it go and do something tangible or symbolic to show your commitment to this release.

Now wait.

Clear the space. Let it just sit empty for a minute. Resist the urge to fill it, just for now.

Next, take a look at that space and decide consciously what you want to be there. Just as you would consciously decorate a room in your home, allow yourself to consciously decorate your life. Only allow into it what you want to be there. Tell everything else no, it is not welcome.

Be the one in command of your energetic space. Keep it clean. Free of clutter. Free of proverbial mold. No one gets to sit in your space unless you allow it. Don’t hang a heavy painting on a nail too small to hold it. Make sure everything in your space is there by your design and with your permission.

Practice this with each area of your life until your life is moving forward in a positive direction, and not stuck in the past.

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