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Letting Go of the Dream

I often hear this during readings with my clients: “Well a few years ago I loved what I’m doing, but now… well, not so much. I thought I’d love doing this forever, but now it’s boring and doesn’t excite me. What happened?”

Are you in the same situation?

You followed a dream, you had a passion, and you made it happen. You’re living the dream! And then one day you realize it’s become a chore, or maybe it’s just not exciting anymore. You don’t bound out of bed like you used to.

You feel like you failed the dream. “Why aren’t I happy? I got exactly what I wanted, what I asked for. I feel so ungrateful.”

But what you must realize is that dreams can change, and there’s no shame in that. In fact, it’s progress. Once you achieve a dream and live with it for a while, guess what happens next? A new dream comes to take its place.

But so many people aren’t aware that the old dream is stale and that a new dream is knocking on the door. They feel obligated to stick with the old. Maybe it’s how they were raised. You work for something, you get it, you stick with it, possibly for decades.

That’s not how it works though. A dream dangles like a carrot in front of your face, urging and enticing you to follow it until you get it. But after you’ve eaten of the carrot, you get hungry again. That’s normal.

I’m here to reassure you and encourage you. Dare to dream again. What do you want NOW? What would make you wake each morning in the throes of excitement and eagerness? Once you figure that out, go after that dream like you went after the first one. And don’t stop until you get it.

Often it’s not an entirely new dream. Often it’s the same dream you had before but simply expressed differently.

In 2006 I was living a dream. I was doing intuitive readings for people all over the world. Every single morning I would look forward to my day of readings, doing between 8 and 12 a day sometimes. For years, this was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I was helping people, and talking to the spirit guides and deceased people was a total high for me.

Then the excitement started to wane. I was worried. What did it mean? How could something that was a lifelong dream suddenly feel… not quite enough to get me excited. So I tuned in and realized there was a new dream. I wanted to teach. I wanted to share my knowledge and wisdom with others on this path.

So I started creating products, and I started teaching and training others to become professional intuitives. And that got me super excited again. And I realized that this was simply evolution. A natural and necessary movement in a new direction aligned with my joy and my mission.

I didn’t stop doing readings, but I cut back on how many I do each week, so that I could explore my new dreams.

So now it’s your turn. Ask yourself if you’re living your dream. If so, great, keep on going. Good for you.

If not, take time to explore what your new dream may be. Is it a different way of expressing what you’re currently doing or is it something new altogether? Don’t be afraid to let go of an old dream if it no longer excites you. Move on to the next dream. It’s waiting, right there in front of you, dangling like a carrot.

And it’s yours to have, if you dare to dream.

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