When Babies Cross Over

I recently got an email from a woman who simply asked whether she would see her baby again when she crossed over. Apparently she had given birth to a daughter who died almost immediately. The tragedy of losing a baby is unimaginable and the pain of loss is almost more than can be borne, so it is understandable to want to have some reassurance that you will get the chance to see your baby in the afterlife.

I wrote back to her immediately and wanted to share what I told her in case someone else reading this is in a similar situation and wants to know what happens to their baby when it crosses over, and also whether they will see their child again.

When you cross over, you are greeted by loved ones. That includes your baby. But you must also understand that your baby isn’t a baby on the other side. When we incarnate, we are born into a tiny body, but our souls are actually fully grown so to speak. And when a baby dies, although its body is small, it’s spirit is fully mature. When that soul reaches the other side, it does not stay in baby form. It reverts back to a fully mature conscious energy.

Your child is not a helpless, small person on the other side. I know it might be hard to imagine them any other way since that’s the only way you knew them. Similarly, our grandparents are not old and frail on the other side either. People who were once physically or mentally disabled are no longer so on the other side. Once the body is sloughed away, the soul itself is a vibrant, energetic, fully conscious, and intact being.

When you get to the other side, you will be greeted by the soul of the child you lost, and it will not appear as an infant. You will recognize it immediately though, so don’t be concerned about that.

I hope it brings you comfort to know that your child is intact and capable on the other side. In fact, often our children are even more evolved souls than we are. Do not fear for them or worry that they are not being taken care of. They need none of the care that a human baby would need while here on Earth.

I know it doesn’t remove the sorrow and the longing, but I hope it helps a little to know that they are just fine on the other side and that you will indeed see them again.

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