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8 Beliefs You Have About Being Dead that Are Just Dead Wrong

Since 2006 I have been communicating with both the living and the deceased, and I’ve gotten literally thousands of emails from people asking questions about life, death, and everything in between. It occurred to me recently, based on the types of questions people ask me, that a lot of people simply don’t know enough about death and the afterlife, otherwise these questions would stop.

Basically you’re walking around with some misinformation that’s causing you a lot of grief. I’m here to clear all that up for you right now. So listen up my friends, here are the eight beliefs you probably hold about being dead that are, frankly, just dead wrong.

Belief #1: You believe you’ll never see your loved ones again.
Not remotely true. When you die, guess who comes to pick you up at the end of the proverbial tunnel? That’s right, everyone you love who died before you.

Sometimes they walk you across the threshold. Sometimes they reunite with you after you’ve gone through your life review. Sometimes they pop in for a quick chat before heading back to their bliss.

If you are looking forward to seeing a loved one again, rest assured, you will.

Belief #2: You believe dead people can’t hear you talk to them.
Totally false. I know when you’re grieving you’re talking to them in your mind, or maybe out loud when you’re alone. They hear you. They can hear you when you talk out loud or when you think thoughts their way. Thoughts are energy. Your dearly departed are energy. Your broadcast is picked up by them quite easily.

So if you’ve got something to say, just say it. Their hailing frequencies are open!

Belief #3: You believe dead people never visit you.
Rubbish. They’re all over your ass. People who died unexpectedly or prematurely, even more so. They’re around you, sometimes trying to get your attention. Listen up and you might hear them. They might even have something important to tell you. Pay attention.

Not a medium? Can’t hear or see them? Look for them in your dreams. It’s the middle ground where they can easily broadcast and you can easily receive.

Not good at remembering your dreams? Get good. End of story. Come on, they can’t do all the work.

Okay okay, if dreams aren’t your thing, then look for the signs. Their photo plummeting to the floor mysteriously. Their favorite song popping onto the radio while you’re thinking about them. Their doppleganger walking around in the supermarket who you swear is your dearly departed uncle but is really just a stranger named Louie.

Deceased people will jump through hoops to get your attention. Take notice.

Belief #4: You believe your loved ones are suffering.
Poppycock. When you die, you slough off the mortal coil and every physical ailment you had. No more disability. No more arthritis. No more gout. Well, no more body really. So that sort of solves that.

What about mental anguish or emotional pain? What if you were depressed in life or suicidal? Healed! All part of the gold package when you get to the other side. You just let it all go.

The dead do not suffer. Not in hell, not in purgatory, not in limbo. No sir. They’re happy as a biscuit rising in the oven. So don’t feel sorry for them or worry for their health, they’re probably in better shape than you.

Belief #5: You believe death is the end of life.
Nay. Death is just life without a body. Your consciousness toddles onward, back into the breach, back home to the ether. There, you will celebrate an accomplished journey, check in with old friends, and make plans to incarnate again.

What? You don’t want to come back to this miserable hell hole? You say that now, but wait until you regain your perspective and realize this is a playground and there’s lots of other things to do.

Skinned your knee in this life? Get your bandage, and get back into the game, friend. You get another chance to have some fun. Don’t blow it.

Belief #6: You believe your dead relatives are angels or spirit guides.
This one kind of cracks me up, no disrespect to your aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, etc. Angels? Really? No one gets to be an angel except an angel. If you are an angel, you are an angel from the beginning to the end of time. If you’re a human, you can evolve, maybe become an ascended master, but an angel? Hardly.

What about a spirit guide? Okay, I might give you that one. But spirit guides are assigned to you before you are born so do the math. If your cousin Joe is the same age as you and he dies, how could he have been your spirit guide while you were growing up?

Spirit guides are wiser than heck. Can you say the same about cousin Joe? I’m sure he was a very smart guy, and if the situation warrants it and Joe decides he wants to do it, he could become your spirit guide after he dies. It’s rare, but it does happen.

Belief #7: You believe your dead Aunt Mildred reincarnated as your cat.
Facepalm. No. Just… no.

Besides the Cat High Command would never allow a lowly human to incarnate as a divine being.

Belief #8: You believe your deceased grandmother is watching you have sex.
That’s the one. The question you really want to ask right? Do your parents, grandparents, and the whole deceased neighborhood know how kinky you are? Yes they do. But they don’t care. You’ll understand when you get there. It’s not a big deal for them at all, plus they aren’t watching you all the time. They’ve got things to do. Get over yourself.

There you have it, my friends, death is nothing to be feared. And your loved ones are just a thought away. Send them love, positive energy, and don’t worry. Everyone is fine, and when your time comes you will be too.

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