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Where Peace and Plenty are Possible

Where Peace and Plenty are Possible by Erin Pavlina |

Monday night I dreamed a vortex of swirling energy opened up in the sky and this Being came out of it. I went to talk to him and ask him what the vortex was all about.

He told me, “If you enter that vortex it will transport you to a time when Earth is at peace, where people cooperate for survival instead of competing over resources, and the earth is in balance.”

I said, “Awesome! I really want to see how we accomplish that. Sign me up. I want to go!”

So I stepped through the vortex and when I came out the other side it didn’t take me long to realize that I was in the past. Like caveman era. “He tricked me!” I thought. “He was supposed to send me to the future, not the past.”

But then I realized, maybe the past is the only place where peace and plenty were possible.

As I walked around and interacted with the people, a few things dawned on me.

The people worked together to ensure the survival of the tribe. Everyone had their task and no one’s task was less important than another’s.

The earth was beautiful! The air was clean, the ground was rich. Our feet touched the earth, our hands toiled in the soil. There was no concrete. Food didn’t come from a grocery store, it came from the earth.

People looked out for each other. People helped take care of the children of the tribe, as a group. If someone was injured or sick, they were cared for, not turned away for lack of ability to pay.

Maybe there were no creature comforts. Maybe existence was hard, and survival was an everyday concern. But all around me I could see that people were happy and at peace, loving and caring for each other and helping each other to survive.

When I woke up from the dream, I wondered whether it was even possible to achieve peace now. Has our growth, our technology, our separateness, our competitiveness killed any chance for us to have peace? We fight for resources, for control, for power. Is peace and plenty even possible?

I pondered my dream all day. And when I went to bed that night I silently asked the universe to show me if it was possible for us to find peace and plenty in the future. And I had another dream.

In this dream, I was transported to the future. The technology was ubiquitous. It was everywhere! Even more so than today. But as I walked around and interacted with the people, I did notice a few things.

People were happy. They were pleasant. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. People were courteous and friendly everywhere I went.

I saw random acts of kindness and generosity all over the place. People were literally smiling as they went through their day.

The energy was actually quite contagious. When every person around you is in a fantastic mood, it’s really hard to be in a bad mood yourself.

So I pulled someone aside and asked them how this happened. Was everyone on drugs? Was everyone implanted with a microchip or a shocking device that buzzed you if you were mean?

And the guy said, “It’s the music. We discovered that music was the key to vibration. Some of our scientists were able to determine that certain music and certain frequencies affect mood, so they did experiments with people who listened to certain music generating certain frequencies and discovered they could change a person’s energy and mood by the type of music they listened to.”

I said, “So you’re brainwashing people into behaving by using brain entrainment or something? They’re all Stepford Wives?”

The guy laughed and said, “Only someone from your time would see this as sinister and controlling. We don’t use drugs, we don’t use force, we don’t use punishment. We simply play music. The music we play creates an energetic restructuring of a person’s brainwaves. They feel calm, peaceful, loving. So as they go through their day, they have a natural desire to be kind, friendly, and courteous. People don’t fight anymore, they don’t want to.”

I said, “But what happens if someone gets out of line, or commits a crime? What do you do with them?”

He said, “We put them in a room with headphones and play music at them until their brainwaves falls back into a peaceful pattern. No one goes to jail. No one is put to death.”

I said, “I don’t know. It seems very controlling to me. Where is the freedom?”

He said, “The music doesn’t rob people of free will at all. People can do what they want, it’s just that most people end up choosing to do good because they are in a place of peace when they interact with others. Is it really so bad? Walk around the city and see for yourself.”

So I spent a day walking around the city and talking to people. It was really hard to be suspicious when everyone was being so nice and friendly to me. I could feel my walls coming down. Walls I didn’t even know were there. It’s that shield you wear around yourself to protect you from others. Only here, in this future, I didn’t need the shields. I never sensed interpersonal danger. Just a genuine friendliness and camaraderie that doesn’t seem particularly present in our present.

By the end of the day I went back to the guy I had been talking to. He asked, “What do you think of the future?”

I said, “I like it very much. I feel better than I have in years. Is this real though? Is music or brainwave restructuring even possible?”

He said, “Go back to your present and start talking about it. You’ll find out that much of this technology is already created and well known. You just have to apply it to the masses.”

I woke up from the dream. And now I’m wondering what’s possible. Music huh? I do notice that music has a significant effect on my mood. Don’t you? I wonder if music is the key to a peaceful world. What do you think?

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