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Are Horoscopes Real?

Are Horoscopes Real

Are Horoscopes RealWhen I was a kid I loved going to the mall. My mom would leave me in the bookstore for an hour while she shopped. I was like a kid in the candy store.

The first book I always picked up was the astrology book so I could read my horoscope. I’m a Cancer, Libra rising, Virgo moon, all around nice gal. When I’d read the description of my sign I would say it resonated with me fairly well. My traits, my bad habits, etc.

And so it was with great eagerness that I would turn the pages to get to the horoscope. First I’d read yesterday’s horoscope to see if what it said was going to happen actually did happen. Then I’d read the horoscope for the day, then the next several so I would know what was coming and be able to prepare myself.

At the time, I did everything I could to believe the horoscope was correct, but if I was honest with myself, it usually made no sense to me at all.

“Be careful when discussing a business decision today, it could backfire!” Hmm, I’m 12, and my only real job is keeping my room clean. Maybe it means I shouldn’t talk to my mom about raising my allowance. Yeah, that’s it!

“Your relationship with your children is very important to you, spend time with them this weekend.” Hmm, I’m only 12, I don’t have children, but I do have some Barbie’s I could probably pull out of storage and treat better.

“You will be lucky in love tomorrow. Be sure to look your best.” Well, there is a boy in my class that’s kind of cute. I’m going to wear my best hair ribbon tomorrow!

As I got older I started to realize that the horoscopes you read in books and newspapers can’t possibly be legitimate. They’re basically saying that every Virgo is going to have the same kind of day tomorrow as every other Virgo. That is not possible.

As I began to delve into intuition and psychic abilities, I also realized that events are not set in stone. Predictions are nearly impossible to make with any degree of accuracy. Sure, you might get lucky once in a while and “predict” something that actually ends up happening, but for the most part, you can’t predict the future.

Now, I’m not an astrologist. I am not an expert on this topic at all. I can’t do your chart, and I don’t care what your birthdate is. When I do readings, I’m talking to your spirit guides and they tell me what they want you to know.

So the reason I’m writing this article is because so many people write to me because they are afraid of the predictions made in their horoscopes. And that fear leads them to a lower vibration, which leads to a crappy day or a crappy life.

I’ve even had some clients tell me they are doomed to be poor their entire lives because the astrologer called in at their birth told their parents so. It frustrates me.

If you want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month, look at where you are and who you are and you can reasonably predict that things won’t change unless you change them.

It’s really the only horoscope you need.

You’re going to get out of your day what you put into your day. You are calling the shots. Don’t give your power away to the horoscope.

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