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Intuition and Personal Gain

Sometimes people ask me questions about how I use my intuition in my own personal daily life. They want to know if I can look at celebrities and tune in to them. They want to know if I use my intuition to make money or run my business. And I’ve also been asked if I ever read for the guys I’m dating, or if I call my friends and warn them about dangers coming their way.

I’ll tell you exactly how my intuition comes into play in my everyday life, because I want you to know that you can do this too if you develop your intuition.

First, celebrities. I can tune in to anyone as long as I can see a photo or hear their voice. Since celebrities are often photographed, I could easily tune in to them and read them. But I don’t. As part of my ethical practice, I don’t read people without permission. Could I? Yes I could. Will I? No, not unless I’m asked or if my safety depends on it.

Now let’s talk about my friends and family. Because I have a strong energetic attachment to them, and because their guides know I can get information to them, often I will indeed pick up on important information they need to know. But before I pass along intuitive information, I ask my friend or family member if they want me to. With some of my friends, I’ve got an open and eager invitation to share any information I get. Often I will send them an answer to a question they were only thinking about but hadn’t shared with me. That’s because when they ask the universe the question, the guides broadcast an answer and sometimes I’m “cc’ed” on the communication. 😉

Sometimes my friends or family members don’t want to know, so I keep the information to myself. Over time, however, the information usually comes out in conversations or questions I ask them to help them become aware of some of their options. “Hey, Bill, have you ever considered transitioning to a career in the medical field?” To which Bill might reply, “It’s funny you bring that up, as I’ve been seriously feeling drawn to transition to that field.”

It’s like if you’re a doctor and you’re out with your friends and one of them looks a little yellow-skinned. As a doctor, you’re trained to notice these things so maybe you bring it up, “Hey, Joe, are you aware that you look a little jaundiced?”

Or if you’re a mechanic and you get into your friend’s car and hear a noise in the engine that isn’t right. Do you say something? Do you offer to help him fix it? Or do you leave him to deal with it on his own? For me, it depends on the person. If they invite my help, I give it. If they’ve told me in advance that they don’t want to hear from some airy fairy guides and don’t believe in intuition, I let them drive home with a noisy carburetor. 😉

The main thing here is that I don’t want to interfere, pry, or inflict myself upon someone who isn’t open and ready for the information. And I think that’s a good policy even if you’re not using intuition. We all know what it feels like to try to help someone who doesn’t want help. We hit the wall or have to talk to the hand.

Now let’s talk about business and making money. Damn skippy I use my intuition there. They’re my guides and I’m allowed to listen in to my own broadcast for personal gain. And you are too. Your guides are there to help you on your path. If you want to earn more money or find a new relationship, let your guides help you. You hired them, let them do their jobs!

Now let’s talk about dating and relationships. I’ve been on a few dating sites online. This is where being very intuitive is very helpful and also very sad. I can look at a photo of a guy on a dating site and know instantly what his deal is. I know if he’s struggling emotionally or financially. I know if he’s carrying a lot of unhealthy relationship baggage. I know if he’s a liar, a cheat, or a scoundrel. I’m not going to waste my time dating someone I know isn’t compatible with me. It saves time, but it’s bittersweet because I haven’t found that many guys I’d be willing to date.

But I know that when the right guy presents himself to me, or I see him across the room, I’m going to hear the “ding ding ding” that my guides give me when I’ve found something good for me. Looking forward to that day. Though it would help if I got out more I’m sure. 😉

My guides help me with the big stuff but they also help me with small stuff. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll probably remember the time they told me to buy hamburger buns at the store and I told them I didn’t need buns because I had plenty at home, and then went home and discovered all my buns were moldy.

They warn me that danger is coming. They help me buy groceries. They let me know when the children are up to no good. Now that doesn’t mean I always listen, and it doesn’t mean I can even prevent what’s going to happen, but having a warning is very helpful.

I use my intuition for personal gain. Just like a strong person uses their muscles to move their friends’ couches. Just like someone with a high IQ uses their intellect to solve a problem. Just like someone trained in medicine can provide aid to a stranger choking on a subway, I use my intuition in positive ways that garner me positive results.

I don’t abuse my intuitive abilities. I don’t use them to hurt others, steal from the weak minded, or manipulate others into doing what I want them to do. Though I know some intuitives who do and that’s unfortunate. Every skill you have can be used for dark purposes. It’s a choice.

You can be a Jedi or a Sith.

Don’t be afraid to tap into your intuition when you want it and not just when you need it. Your guides are more than happy to help you pick cereal when you can’t decide. 😉

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