Aligning With Your Higher Self’s Intentions

Before you incarnated, your higher self had an intention. And you got sent here with that intention coded into your spiritual DNA.

When you align yourself with that intention and begin following its path, you will get massive amounts of support and help from the universe.

Resources, opportunities, lucky breaks, synchronistic meetings, and coincidences will abound in your life.

That’s because the moment you turn towards the path of intention, you ignite. You are on spiritual fire! It’s like lighting a rocket.

When you are going down a path that is not aligned with your intention, your spirit guides have to expend a lot of energy trying to get you moving onto a different path. There are blocks, bad breaks, unfortunate incidences. You are beset and besieged by bad luck. It’s no fun. You start to feel like you’re rowing against the current.

But when you connect with that path of intention, it’s like removing the anchor around your feet. Suddenly you can fly.

When I first started my blog in January 2006, I did it with the sole intention of sharing my thoughts about the universe and spirituality. There was so much information inside me that wanted to come out.

So I started a blog and wrote about some of it. And people really resonated with the articles. So I kept writing.

I could feel I was in alignment with my higher self. I knew the reason I had come here was to help people remember where they came from. When you remember that we are loving tendrils of Source energy and that nothing we say or do can remove that unconditional love that Source has for us, it frees us.

A couple of months into writing my blog articles, a series of events happened that led me to understand that I could connect with beings on the other side and pass along information. I thought it was magic the way I could see and hear information coming from invisible guides.

But time and time again, the information came. And after practicing on dozens of people, I opened myself up to read for people through my blog. Suddenly, I was a professional intuitive. And I loved every minute of it.

My business really took off. That’s what happens when passion and intention collide. I was brought so many opportunities without even trying. That’s what happens when your spirit guides are finally given free rein to help you with the important stuff.

And today, about 8 years later, I feel more on purpose than ever before.

Ask yourself if you are living in alignment with your higher self’s intention for you. I know some of you will send me stories about how you switched careers or ended bad relationships and are now really flying!

And I know some of you are asking, “But how do I know what my higher self’s intention for me was?”

I can tune in to your guides and find out for you, or you can do it yourself.

Do a meditation where you go to a garden. Sit down and ask your higher self to come sit with you. Ask him or her what the intention was. And listen, really listen. It should resonate in your gut. You can even ask how to get onto the path of intention. You may see your spirit guides answer that one.

But the bottom line is that you’ll know it when you hear it or feel it. “Oh my God, yes!” is what you’ll say to yourself. You don’t have to know how you’re going to accomplish this intention. For now, it’s enough to identify it and know it.

Then let your spirit guides help move you to a new path if one is required. Don’t resist. Be brave. It often takes courage to leave something we’ve been doing for so long.

It might require major shifts in your life or lifestyle. Maybe a relationship has to go. Maybe some friendships will need adjusting. Maybe healing will come. There may be a new job opportunity.

Go with the flow of your higher self’s goal.

There is nothing more wonderful than living in alignment with your intention. It’s like swimming in bubbles. You’ll get giddy and excited. And then you’ll be flying!

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