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When You Don’t Agree With Your Psychic Reading

Last week I got a reading request from a gal and her email to me started like this, “I went to a psychic who told me I had to move to Texas in order to fulfill my destiny. I thought that was odd as I have no desire to move to Texas and am actually quite happy with where I’m currently living, which is Colorado. But now I’m not sure what to do. Should I move to Texas even though my business is thriving in Colorado? I’m afraid if I don’t move to Texas that something bad will happen to me. Help!”

If a psychic tells you something that doesn’t resonate with you, what should you do?

You should ignore the advice.

Information given to you by a psychic should resonate with your own intuition. If it doesn’t, you must ignore it. If you get into the habit of ignoring your own intuition, it will get weaker and weaker, and you’ll end up consulting psychics every 3 weeks because you can’t make a move without them. That’s no way to live.

You are gifted with your own intuition from birth. Maybe it’s not highly developed, but I’ve found that most people are easily able to tell when something doesn’t resonate with them. They may not know what they’re supposed to do, but they get a clear sense of what NOT to do.

Secondly, the psychic did this woman a huge disservice when she said to move to Texas because it was her destiny. There is no destiny. Life is about choices. Cause and effect. If you don’t want to move, don’t move.

What a proper and ethical professional intuitive does is help you see your choices. When someone comes to me for a reading, their guides tell them what happens down several paths and then the client is free to choose the path that resonates with them.

Maybe there IS something in Texas that will help this client but if the psychic doesn’t tell her what it is, then there’s no way for the client to run it through her own gut.

A psychic should act like a park ranger, telling the hiker about all the trails in the canyon but never deciding for the hiker which trail he should walk. Like a park ranger, a psychic should be able to explain what to expect on each path, but the client should feel free to choose the path that will give them the experience they desire.

Sometimes people want to walk the easy path up the mountain, and sometimes they want a challenge. A psychic should not rob you of your choice or tell you only about the path he would walk if he were in your shoes.

Stick with psychics who empower you on your path, not ones that put you in a state of fear about missing the boat.

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