Does the Movie Insidious Accurately Depict Astral Projection?

In 2010 the movie, Insidious, was released in theatres and my inbox exploded with thousands of people asking me whether the events in the movie were anything like real astral projection.

I hadn’t seen the movie, and didn’t really want to, but I reassured everyone that demons can’t possess your body while you’re astral. Then I wrote my book, The Astral Projection Guidebook, and released it right around the time Insidious: Chapter 2 was released in theatres.

This time, when I got thousands of emails asking about the reality of astral projection, I was at least able to point people to my book so they could learn all about astral projection and learn how to do it in a safe and easy manner.

But I still hadn’t seen the movies.

Then Insidious came up on cable and I recorded it to watch later. When I sat down to watch it, I expected it to be full of inaccuracy, but the truth is, the writer got a lot of things right. I immediately watched Insidious 2 the next day and again saw some interesting correlations to reality.

Now, finally, I am able to comment on the accuracy of astral projection as it’s shown in Insidious. So in this article I’m going to go over everything they did and comment about whether it’s really how astral projection works or not. If you haven’t seen the movies, be forewarned that the rest of this article will contain spoilers.

In the movie:
In the movie, the young son, Dalton, goes to sleep one night and doesn’t wake up. Doctors can’t revive him so the family takes him home to care for him. But paranormal things start to happen pretty quickly and finally they are connected up with a psychic who has experience with this sort of thing. The psychic tells the family that Dalton astral projected and is wandering in a place called “The Further.” He is apparently lost and can’t find his way back to his body, or he is being prevented from returning to his body by astral demons and ghosts who want to take over his body so they can live again.

In reality:
When you astral project, your spirit is still attached to your body via a silver cord. Think of it like a bookmark or placeholder. Anytime you want to return to your body the cord will snap you back in instantly. So no matter how far you travel outward from your body, the cord will always guide you home.

Entities cannot enter your body while you are out. Your cord prevents them from slipping in. Although your body appears to be an empty shell without your soul, as long as you are alive and your cord is intact, nothing can jump you.

Do the entities want to get into your body? Yes I believe they do. But wanting and having are two different things. They can’t get in. Please do not worry about that.

In the movie:
Entities hover around Dalton’s body hoping for their chance to get in.

In reality:
Entities do hover. Sometimes. A lot of times when you project, if you are in a low vibration like fear or depression, you can attract the attention of entities who want to feed off your fear. And yeah, it’s scary! I can’t tell you how many times I was approached by something really frightening. Until I learned how to project in a high vibration, that kept happening to me. So that part can be true. Low vibrational beings can hover around you.

But there are a lot of ways to avoid that. In real life when you travel you can choose to go to a hotel on a private beach or you could choose to parachute down into an active volcano. One will be pleasant, one won’t. You decide in advance what kind of destination you’d like to go to. It’s the same with astral projection. You can project to a really amazing, pleasant place, or you can go play with the demons in the ether.

The demons and entities can’t bother you if you’re not on their frequency. That’s why in my book I talk a lot about preparing yourself energetically and mentally BEFORE you travel.

In the movie:
Josh, the father of the child, leaves his own body to go find Dalton on the astral plane. Can you find people who are astral?

In reality:
Yes, you can go astral and look around and connect up with your friends or family who are also astral traveling at the same time. It’s not easy. Frequencies need to line up. But if you have a strong energetic connection to the person, you can track them and find them. It’s fun to astral travel with friends. I cover that in the book too.

In the movie:
While Josh is looking for his son, he picks up a lantern and uses that to go looking in the darkness of The Further.

In reality:
I thought this was an interesting allegory. In my early days of astral travel I often attracted the attention of negative beings. I started carrying around a light sword on the astral plane to ward off the bad guys. It’s extremely effective, and it was interesting to watch the Josh character do something similar. During astral travel, you cannot pick up physical objects, but you can create objects with your will and energy, and you can use those objects on the astral plane.

In the movie:
The psychic tells Josh that he has more power than the entities and not to let himself be pushed around. So Josh starts fighting back and is successful getting through mobs of entities and even fighting one of the big bad guys on the astral plane.

In reality:
You have power on the astral plane. Your will is your best weapon. You can channel your power and energy to push back at the entities fairly easily. Also, you can cast unconditional love at low vibrational entities and they will leave in a hurry. They don’t like love. Use it often.

But if you go to the astral plane and you’re scared out of your mind, you can be swarmed by the entities and they will feed off your energy like sharks on blood. Even if this happens, you will not die and nothing will take your body. You’ll just go back to your body feeling … well… fed upon. You’ll have low energy for hours if not days, and it can erode and heavily deplete you. I don’t recommend swimming with the sharks unless you’re protected.

In the movie:
In the movie, Josh was bombarded by dark, low vibration entities. Where were the good guys? Aside from having the psychic try to tell him what to do, where were the good, high vibration entities?

In reality:
The astral plane may contain bad guys, but it also contains plenty of good guys. Angels, spirit guides, celestial beings, ascended masters, and others can and will come to your aid if you call upon them. Think of them like the police. They can also act as bodyguards, so you can take them with you from the get go. If Josh had known to do this in the movie, he could have called upon Archangel Michael who would have come and swished the entities away and handed Dalton back to Josh and guided them back.

In the movie:
The astral plane seems like a really scary place full of really bad entities who want to take your body.

In reality:
The astral plane has many levels. Yes, there are the lower levels, but there are also the higher realms. In my book I talk about how to reach the higher realms so you can have amazing and pleasant experiences.

When you astral project you can visit with your own deceased relatives. You can travel through time and space. You can go to amazingly high energy frequencies that fill you with love and joy. Talk about a recharging experience!

In the movie:
Josh comes back from retrieving Dalton, but a bad entity takes his body, and then he kills the psychic.

In reality:
That’s just rude. Why do all these movies end with the psychic getting jacked by the entities? If that was happening in real life, psychics would stop helping people with their paranormal problems. I thought it was outstanding, though, that the psychic came back in the second movie to help the family from beyond the grave. You go girl! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

In summary:
The movie got a lot of things right. Entities feeding off the living. Hovering around your body. Using light to find your way in the dark. Connecting with family members who are also traveling. Letting psychics help you with paranormal problems. In that respect the movie was a really interesting exploration of the astral plane.

But the main thing, about entities stealing your body while you’re astral projecting … that only happens in the movies. Check out the movies if you want to, and read my book if you want pleasant astral experiences from the get go. Happy travels!

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