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Do cryogenically frozen people have souls?

For some reason my inbox exploded with this question. If people are put into suspended animation through cryogenics, what happens to their soul? Does it sit there in limbo? Go back to the ether?

If it’s in limbo, is it aware but unable to move? That would be horrific.

And if you’re thawed out later and revived, does your soul come back? Is there a new soul in there instead because your original soul is long gone? Or is there no soul in there at all?

What if your body is never revived? Is your soul stuck in that body forever?

These are all great questions and for some reason a lot of people sent me emails about this. There must have been an article circulating through social media or something.

I wrote back to a few people with my thoughts on the matter but decided to address it in a blog article since there was so much interest.

I don’t know what will happen to the soul if the body is cryogenically frozen.

We’re going to have to see. There’s no real data on this yet.

I would need to take a look at the person after they were frozen and after they were revived and analyze them. I believe I would be able to detect whether there was a soul and whether or not it was the same soul. But I wouldn’t know for sure until I tried.

I do think it’s a fascinating topic though. The soul is able to temporarily escape the body through astral projection so it’s entirely possible that if the body was significantly frozen that the soul might get bored and wander the astral plane for potentially years.

But could the body sustain that for years or would the astral cord decay?

When a person’s body is made unconscious, people generally don’t astral project. So if being cryogenically frozen causes the body to be in that same unconscious state, it’s possible a person would NOT be able to achieve astral projection. But in this case it’s also unlikely that a person would remember anything about their experience so their psychological discomfort would be minimal.

I could also see a situation where the soul is recalled to the ether, and if the body is ever re-animated then the original soul comes back to finish its incarnation or a new soul hops into the vessel.

I really don’t know.

It’s a very interesting idea though. I have to say I don’t think I’d want to be put in a cryogenic freeze until and unless I knew that people came back whole. Otherwise we could be looking at a bunch of empty vessels walking around zombie style.

Hmm, I suddenly have a great idea for a Hollywood movie. 😉

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