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Wisdom From the Other Side: Does it matter where you live?

A lot of my reading clients ask me if they should move to another city in order to have greater success on their path.

From what I’ve witnessed the guides tell my clients, it really depends on your goals, intentions, and vibration.

I’ve read for clients whose path would come to fruition no matter where they lived.

And I’ve had clients whose guides told them in no uncertain terms that in order for them to manifest their desires they really needed to live in a certain city.

So the answer to this question is that it really depends on your own personal situation.

Where you live is an extremely important part of your vibration. Your location can make you feel fantastic about your life or it can bring you down energetically. Your location can mean the difference between a successful business or marriage, or a bad one.

Your guides can see factors that you may not be aware of, so consulting your guides about where to live is a great question.

Maybe they can see that your business will thrive in Phoenix but fail in New York. They might have someone they’d like you to meet in Oregon but you’re living in Texas.

Guides will always work with you no matter what choices you make; they will always do their best to help you manifest your goals and intentions. But it is true that that’s easier in some locations more than others. Knowing where your guides think you should live could be an important piece to your puzzle.

If you are happy and thriving where you are, don’t sweat it. You’re doing great. But if you have to find a new place to live, or you’re miserable where you are, or you’re wondering if you might not be better off somewhere else, then your guides could probably tell you.

Sometimes the guides will give me a specific city, and sometimes they just give me parameters like, “Any of the southwestern states” or “Move where your family isn’t” or “It’s got to be a city with at least 2 million people.” And they will usually explain why.

So does it matter where you live? Probably. You’ve got to be where your vibrations are a match for your desires. Sometimes that’s not where you are currently.

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