What does the other side think of marriage?

The collective consciousness on the other side thinks it’s cute that humans think they can make love contractual.

Marriage is a man-made institution invented to make sure kids knew who their parents were so they could properly inherit their parents stuff when said parents croaked.

Marriage is not a mandate from the other side.

Source cares more about love, kindness, and compassion. When you make a union with a partner and there is love present, there is Source.

When the love wanes or your paths diverge there is no sin in moving to another partner or partners.

Do you think there is marriage on the other side? There is not.

Do you reconnect with your loved ones on the other side? You do.

Do you know how many lovers and partners you’ve had in the many lifetimes you’ve lived? They will all be there to greet you, not just the one partner you spent your life with in this life.

Here on Earth we seem to pay a lot of attention to the marriage, the contract, the vow to be together until death. But the truth is that you are together while there is love. No longer, and no less.

And when the love fades, so too does the energy between you.

The real shocker will be when you get to the other side and realize you love everyone, because you’ll see them as they really are and not as they were on Earth. And you’ll remember that we are all One.

So don’t get too hung up on Earth marriage. Find love, be with love, enjoy love. Make a marriage contract with yourself, to be loving and kind to everyone.

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