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The Truth About Karma That No One Will Tell You

If you ask most people what karma is all about they will say something like, “Karma is punishment for past wrongs.” Or “What you do to others will come back to you.”

It’s seen as a sort of cause and effect; a universal system of justice against your crimes.

In fact, some people count on karma for vengeance, “He done wronged me, and he’ll get his comeuppance when karma bites him in the ass.”

But I’m here to potentially burst your bubble. If you’re waiting for karma to dish out punishment to people who have done wrong, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

If you’re waiting for your lying, cheating ex to die and come back as a sea slug, don’t hold your breath.

Karma does not work that way despite people hoping and wishing it did.

People don’t get what they deserve, they get what they attract.

This is why some people can walk through the world hurting people and never be caught, punished, or even feel bad about it. Because they were, in fact, a vibrational match for their behavior.

But this is also why some people commit crimes and are caught, because they are a vibrational match for getting caught or being stopped.

The other notion I must put out of your head is this idea that if something bad happens to you that you must have deserved it. “Well I guess I hurt someone in a past life because I sure am suffering now!”

No. That’s also not how karma works.

In this life, in all your lives, you will always get what you are a vibrational match for. Whether that’s an amazing life of happiness and joy, or a depressing life of pain and misery.

There is no one on the other side with a clipboard saying, “Make sure Kelly has a car accident this morning to make up for that one life where she hung Good Biddy Robinson for being a witch.”

To the universe, we are children, playing in the sandbox of life.

If a child throws his cup of milk on the floor do you expect swift and immediate justice to swoop in and throw HIM on the floor? Wouldn’t that be fair? Wouldn’t that teach him not to throw his cup?

Instead what happens? A kind and gentle parent explains to the child what the consequences are of throwing your milk on the floor. And then it is up to the child to decide if he will do it again. If he enjoyed the experience and doesn’t care about the loss of his drink, he might do it again. If he instead realizes that throwing things away causes them not to be there anymore AND it’s important for him to keep the things he values, he will not throw the milk on the floor again.

The universe gives you the same opportunities to learn and to decide if you will change your behavior or keep it the same. But there is no judgment. You must be clear about this.

No matter how “bad” you think you’ve been, or how damaged you think you are, or how undeserving you think you must be, the universe will not punish you for your behavior. If YOU feel you deserve to be punished you will attract something that feels like punishment.

Does this mean that you are free to hurt people if you want to?

You’ve always been free to hurt people if you want to. And you always will be. At some point you may not like how you feel when you hurt people and you’ll stop. It might be in this lifetime or another. The universe is patient.

Karma is about being given the opportunity to change your vibration and attract something different. No one is going to inflict that upon you, but the universe will bring you ample opportunities to choose a different path.

So if you’re holding out hope that something bad will happen to another person, you’re better off releasing, forgiving, and moving on, otherwise you will attract new opportunities that involve you needing to forgive someone. Are you catching my drift here?

If you are constantly wishing negative things will happen to those who wrong you, the universe will constantly bring you people who wrong you so you can continue wishing negative things will happen to them. That’s your vibration. That’s your karma. That’s what the universe thinks you want since that’s what you’re always thinking about.

Karma is not punishment, it’s not revenge, it’s not justice. Karma is the universe giving you opportunities to alter your vibration. Do with that what you will.

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