The Power of a New Story

I was doing a reading for a client who had an issue surrounding urges. He would have urges to do things that were self destructive like stick his fingers in a blender, destroy valuable property he owned, hang over the side of a balcony with a long drop below and things of that nature.

Although he never succumbed to the more dangerous acts, he did engage in small acts that would leave no permanent damage but would cost him in terms of loss or property, injury to himself, and loss of time and income. And he would spend a lot of time fighting the stronger urges.

He didn’t know why he had the urges but he wanted to know if his guides could help him stop having them.

When I tuned in to his guides, they explained to me that one of the reasons he had the urges was due to feelings of low self-worth. He had been rejected by his family when he was young, and had grown up feeling like he didn’t matter. They explained that his desire to hurt himself or destroy things he loved was deeply rooted in his feelings of low self-esteem. He wasn’t allowing himself to have anything of value because he didn’t feel he was of value or deserved to have life, property, and dignity.

My client confirmed the validity of the information the guides were relaying to me, so then I asked the guides what he could do to get over the urges.

They said, “Tell him to start telling himself a new story.”

His current self-talk was “I’m not worthy. No one wants me. I don’t deserve to have anything nice. I shouldn’t even be here.”

They wanted him to step into a new paradigm with self-talk that sounded something like this. “I remember when I used to feel like I didn’t matter. I’m so glad I don’t feel that way anymore. I am so grateful that I was able to see how truly valuable I am to myself and to this world. My uniqueness is a gift. My past experiences taught me that you can overcome any struggle. I am so grateful I learned this lesson and can go now go forward in peace.”

My client liked the idea. He said it felt powerful just to hear those words. So he wrote them down.

In addition, he added this, “I’m so glad I don’t have those destructive urges anymore. It’s a huge relief that I no longer hurt myself or my property. Boy that was a dark time, and I am sooooo glad it’s over. I am in complete control of my thoughts and I am grateful to be past that.”

He agreed he would continue to tell himself this new story every day, several times a day, and to step into the vibration of what it felt like to be in a new paradigm. I asked him to write back to me in a week to let me know how it was going.

This is what he sent me (reprinted with permission):

“Erin, I can’t tell you how powerful this exercise was. The first time I read the paper with those words on it, I immediately felt a shift inside me. It was like layers upon layers of old mud was washing off me. I felt cleaner, stronger, and more powerful. I noticed an immediate change in my behavior. I no longer felt like I need to tear up money. I no longer felt like I had to hurt myself, because my SELF was different. The old person I was just receded. A new person took his place. I only read the words one time and this happened. It’s unbelievable how powerful this was for me. I continue to say the words every day just because I love how good I feel when I do. Thank you and my guides so much for guiding me from this hell. I am more grateful than words can say.”

I think we were both amazed at how quickly he was able to heal from those urges. Three months later he wrote back to me and said he is still having no issues with the urges. He had spent hundreds of dollars on therapy to no avail, because the therapist wanted him to understand his past. Sometimes it’s more powerful to just drop our past like a snake sheds old skin, and emerge anew.

You can rewrite your present and go into your future a totally different person. It’s the story you tell yourself that matters, not the one your past wants you to believe.

If you are struggling with something that drags you down or makes you feel unworthy, try telling yourself a new story. Reframe the old beliefs. Find the relief in the new way of being. That’s how you become a vibrational match for a new life. There is no need to study or understand the old. Just let it go.

Start a new chapter. Write it the way you want it to be. Create a powerful new story for your life.

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