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The Soul Connection Between Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

When I heard Carrie Fisher had had a heart attack on an airplane I was worried. I know that it’s difficult to survive a heart attack when you are not close to advanced medical care. But when it was reported she was in stable condition, I thought maybe they got to her in time and I was so glad.

A few days later, the news reported she had passed away. For some reason the news hit me really hard. Sure, I was a fan, but I’ve been a fan of other celebrities who have passed and they didn’t affect me the same way Carrie’s death affected me.

I sat silently for several long minutes, just processing the news. I really thought she was going to be okay, so it was a hard fact to face.

Some readers asked me to tune in to Carrie and see if she was okay on the other side, but I was too upset to tune in properly and decided to wait. My guides also told me to wait before tuning in to her passing. I wasn’t sure why at the time but I listened.

The next day, the world received the news that Debbie Reynolds, Carrie’s mother, passed away suddenly, possibly of broken heart syndrome. That’s when something clicked in me, and I heard the gentle voice of my guides saying, “Now. You can tune in now. The story is complete.”

I again sat silently for a long time, processing the news. What a tragedy for the family, I thought. How sad that they had to deal with the passing of two members of their family so close together. I felt the sadness you would feel no matter who it was who passed.

Later that night, I decided I would tune in. I felt there was a story there, something I was meant to understand. Instead of just tuning in, I decided to take it one step further and go find them and talk to them myself. I wasn’t sure I could reach them, but I really wanted to try, and if it didn’t work, I would tune in like I normally tune in to deceased energies.

When I went to sleep that night, I prepared myself ahead of time to follow their energy and see if I could speak with them in the ether, or if not them directly, perhaps a guide or angel or guardian.

It took me 6 hours to find and follow the trail directly to their energies. This was the first time I had gone so far out to communicate with a celebrity after their passing. I sort of feel like I was in a river, hopping from one stone to another, until I found them on the other side.

This is what I was told.

When Carrie died she said she had a “Well, shit” moment. Her passing was partly her choice, but she stated that once she knew she could let go it was very tempting, and she finally did. When she got to the other side she was floored by how good she felt. She spoke to me about releasing the burdens, the physical pains, the mental anguish and confusion, just the heaviness she had carried most of her life.

She said she felt supremely grateful for the life she had and the impact she was allowed to make, but at the same time, it was a burden she was happy to be done with. It’s like heavy chains you’ve gotten used to lugging around; once they come off you’re sort of loathe to put them back around your feet.

She accepted her death with humility, gratitude, and some relief.

Carrie and Debbie were together. I mean practically intertwined energies I was seeing. To me it was like two trees standing next to each other whose roots are inextricably entwined. So much love was pouring out of Debbie towards her daughter’s energy and really the whole of the universe. She seemed extremely bonded with the unconditional love energy you find once you cross over.

Debbie’s energy was more diffuse. In other words, Carrie, to me, still very much seemed like the Carrie energy. She still had some of her identity imprinted on her. But Debbie was like this umbrella of unconditional love, compassion, and joy. Yes she was focused on Carrie and their reunification, but her energy was also connecting with… well, everything.

When I addressed Debbie and she turned her energy towards me, I was filled with tremendous love. The kind that makes you cry because it’s so beautiful and you have to find a way to release it so you’re not overwhelmed by it.

She said, “I know what you’re going to ask me, and yes, I came to be with Carrie. There was nothing more important for me to do. I had to get to her.”

Then she showed me something. She showed me the story of them. Before Debbie even incarnated, she and Carrie knew they would be together. There was a contract, an agreement, of what would go down. Carrie would be Debbie’s daughter. The contract was between the two of them, not Carrie and Eddie Fisher. He would be the biological father but he didn’t seem to have a part in the contract other than that.

Debbie’s soul and Carrie’s soul were intertwined in a way that guaranteed if one of them felt pain the other would too, and when one of them felt joy, so would the other.

And there was Debbie, embracing Carrie in the afterlife. Together. Unbroken.

Carrie told me she was not worried for the humans she left behind. She said they would be okay and would be able to take care of themselves. But she was greatly concerned for her dog, Gary. She was actually in some distress about it. She wanted Gary with her badly. It had been explained to her though that Gary’s time was not done and they would be reunited one day. Carrie has had to reluctantly accept that, but I could still feel concern and distress on that topic.

I was told that when Carrie saw Debbie cross over and they reunited, Carrie made the joke, “If I knew you were coming I’d have cleaned the place up a bit.”

There was tremendous joy upon their reunion. Like the completion of a story with a really happy ending. I have no doubt these two energies will continue to commune and travel together. And I suspect it’s Carrie who will be waiting on the other side of the rainbow for her beloved Gary.

I have much greater closure after having visited them directly. I am grateful I was granted the opportunity to “check in” on them myself. It’s not something I will likely do often.

What great ladies they were, what great human beings. And it seems so fitting they are together once more.

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