Could your deceased mother come back as your newborn son?

People ask me often if their child could possibly be the reincarnation of a deceased loved one. In fact a lot of people take great comfort in believing that someone they loved and lost came right back to be in their life again. It makes you feel like they’re not really gone.

But is it possible for this to happen? Do people reincarnate right back into the same family they left?

Yes, it’s possible. But it’s not that common.

When a person dies, they head right back to the ether, have their life review, catch up with long lost souls they’ve known for centuries, and take part in all the lovely things that happen in the next dimension.

They look in on the loved ones they left behind. They tune in to those loved ones and try to help them navigate their corporeal lives. Some hover hard, some flit about and only check in once in a while. It’s all good. That’s the natural order of things.

When the soul is ready to incarnate again, it will look for a good situation, appropriate parents, make some ethereal arrangements, wave goodbye to their energetic loved ones, and plop right back into an earthly body, ready for another crack at life.

But who will they be this time around? Do souls look to incarnate into the same family they left behind?

They can, so I want you to understand it’s possible. But I also want you to understand that with 7 billion people on the planet right now, the chance that incarnating into YOUR family and it being the right circumstances for what they desire this next go around are very slim.

You’re not the only game in town. You’re not the only people they love and feel connected to. There are many great opportunities for rich life experiences and your family simply may not be able to provide the conducive atmosphere for their life intention.

It’s okay. You’re going to do the same thing when you die and come back. You’re going to pick the circumstances that favor you completing your life intention. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

I have seen during readings that some children do indeed carry the same soul as a deceased loved one. It’s not common but it can happen, and it usually happens when there is some serious unfinished business or some serious contract situation that makes it really important to reincarnate back into your family tree.

I have also found that most people don’t reincarnate right away, but the time varies considerably. Some people come back right away and others stay away a hundred years. Depends on what they want and if the conditions are right for their return.

Mainly what I want you to understand is that every soul incarnates to the circumstances and conditions it feels will most help it manifest its primary intention. That might be you and it might not.

Cherish those in your life right now whom you love. You will see them again in the ether, but you may not have to change their diaper. 😉

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