Top 11 Questions I’m Getting about Past Lives

As I’ve delved deeply into doing past life readings recently, a lot of questions have come up. Here are the top questions I’m getting and their answers.

1. “How many past lives have I had?”
Most people I’ve read for have dozens of past lives. I would say the range is 12-100. But I wouldn’t really know until I had tuned in to them all, one at a time, until we run out.

2. “If you are married to someone in this life, does that mean you were married in a past life?”
Not at all, but possibly. People you have a strong connection with in this life are often in your past lives. So your wife in this life may have been your sister in another life, or your mom, or your son. So far, as I’ve done these past life readings, if someone has a strong connection with someone in their life today, I’ve been able to see at least one life they had together before. It’s been real interesting to see the dynamics.

3. “Is it possible to have lived at the same time in two lives? Like could I have lived in 1800 in one life and also 1800 as a different person?”
Honestly, I don’t know. I have often suspected that we are living all our lives at the same time, and we only appear to live linearly. I won’t be surprised if we find out on the other side that all our lives happened at the same time. But right now, I don’t have any direct evidence so the jury is out on this one.

4. “If I killed someone in a past life, am I doomed to be killed in this life? Is that karma?”
No, that’s not how karma works. Think about it. If murder causes you to have to be murdered in your next life then someone would have to murder you in that next life, and then once they’ve murdered you, they would have to be murdered in their next life, and so on and so on and so on. Before long we’d be a society of murderers and victims. That would be odd.

5. “Do we learn lessons in each of our lives?”
You always learn something in any life. Some lessons are more poignant or impactful than others.

6. “Do we suffer some sort of tragedy in each and every life?”
No. I’ve read for many people who had incredibly lovely lives; lives where nothing majorly bad happened to them. I was sort of shocked, really, because it doesn’t seem like life was very easy in the past several thousand years, but there are definitely people who managed to live very serene, peaceful, lovely lives. Sort of gives you hope doesn’t it? :

7. “Have you read for anyone who was famous in a past life?”
Not yet. But there have been some interesting connections. One client had an audience with George Washington after he became president. Someone else had an encounter and some training with Harry Houdini. One guy was connected with the Wright Brothers. One client was connected to Mark Twain. It’s been fascinating, because I get a little glimpse of those famous folks while I’m reading for the clients who interacted with them.

8. “Have you ever read for someone who didn’t have a past life? This was their first incarnation?”
Not so far. I will be surprised if I do but I’m definitely interested to see what it’s like to have your first incarnation here.

9. “Has anyone had a past life as an alien or someone from another planet?”
I have not encountered that but I’m not sure I would be shown that. I am definitely interested to see it though. How cool would THAT be?!?!”

10. “Can a past life help you understand what’s going on in this one?”
Yes, sometimes, especially if you have a strong fear in this life, it may be coming from trauma from a past life. A relationship issue you’re having in this life may have begun in a past life.

11. “What is the biggest benefit to finding out who you were in a past life?”
Two things. First, it’s really interesting to think about who you may have been and what time period you lived in. And second, it can help you understand fears and traumas you may have in this life. Sometines knowing where they originated from can help you come to terms with it and bring peace.

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