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Do you retain your personality from life to life?

When your soul reincarnates do you have the same personality with each reincarnation, or do you have a different personality for each lifetime? – James

From what I have seen from doing many past life readings, there is an essence about you that usually carries into each life.

However, when you are born, you are born into a family and a set of peers that will absolutely affect your path and your personality.

If you are born into a family who argues over every little thing, you may become a person who thinks arguing is normal.

But perhaps in a past life you were born to a family of Buddhists who use non-violent communication to get their points across, and you never argue a day in your life.

Your environment will impact your personality greatly once you incarnate.

However, you will always carry a piece of your higher self into each incarnation.

So if your higher self is playful, then no matter what circumstances you are born into, your playful side will probably emerge.

If your higher self is full of compassion, then no matter what your life circumstances, your heart will always be drawn to help others.

So in that sense you do carry a bit of your “over-personality” into every life.

But in some lifetimes it might be buried by circumstances, and you won’t get a chance for your dominant traits to emerge.

I did a past life reading for a gal who, in this life, is very playful and spirited. In one of her past lives she was a performer in England, part of a traveling troupe of entertainers. Her higher self is playful and we were able to see that in at least 2 of her lives.

It’s interesting to see how certain dominant personality traits remain with us in many of our lives and how they manifest based on circumstances.

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