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Is it safe to donate my organs when I die?

Is it okay to be an organ donor, or will I need all my organs when I get to the other side? I’m worried about leaving something behind that I might need, and I’m worried that some of my energy will be in another person. I also know that my religion forbids it. Please advise. – Sharlotte

When you die, your spirit will leave your body and go on to the afterlife. You will leave all your physical “pieces” behind, and that includes your organs. We don’t have physical third density bodies in the afterlife. We are more energy than form.

I understand that there are religions that prohibit organ donation. In my opinion, that’s unfortunate, because it is a very loving act for you to donate something you no longer need to someone who needs it to live. I have to believe that our Source Creator would agree that utilizing our organs to save someone’s life is a kind and loving act.

Do your organs carry some of your energy? They do while your soul is inhabiting your body. When you die, all of your essence, your life force, and your energy go with you to the other side, leaving the physical body organs as mere pieces of flesh, that would decay and die without the presence of life.

If you donate your organs, the new host’s energy will infuse the organs with his or her energy and life essence. Ignore the Lifetime movies where someone donates their eyes and the recipient gets visions of the person’s life. That’s fiction.

All in all I would say it is an extremely wonderful gift to donate something you no longer need to someone who desperately needs it to live. In the end, though, you must decide for yourself what you want to do. It’s a very personal decision.

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