How Long Do Deceased Loved Ones Stick Around After They Die?

“My wife died suddenly 3 weeks ago and it has devastated me, but I can feel her energy around me all the time, and I love it. I don’t want her to ever leave, but I’m guessing at some point she will want to ‘move on’ and do other things. How long will she be around me?” – Jonathan

Great question, Jonathan, and one I am asked frequently.

When a person passes away they are led to the other side in various ways. They can go by themselves, they can have an angelic energy escort them, they can be picked up by a loved one who has passed before them, or they can stick around for a bit of time here on our plane.

I’ve seen people who died very suddenly and unexpectedly hang out for a bit as they really do not want to let go of their life. Often they are trying to get the attention of those who are living for a very important reason, like the case of a woman who drove her car off a bridge and died, but her two living children were still inside. She did not cross over until they were rescued and that took 2 days.

Eventually the souls cross over and have their life review, greet loved ones, understand and process their life, and get comfortable being back on the other side.

At this point, a soul can tune in to their living loved ones and try to commune and connect with them.

A soul that is recently deceased must navigate the waters, so to speak, and learn to connect with living people. It’s not an automatic skill.

The easiest way for them to commune is to move their energy close to a living person. This is what is happening when you feel their energy around you.

If they can, they will try to speak to you by sending you clairaudient thoughts. If you are clairaudient, you will hear them. If you are not, you may miss a communication.

They will also try to send you sensations and feelings in your body, so you may get chills when they are around, or you may feel the hairs on your arm stand up.

They will try to communicate with you through your dreams as that is a nice, easy way for them to reach you, but if you don’t remember your dreams, you likely won’t experience this method of communication.

A deceased person will sometimes hover very closely right after death because they want their living loved ones to know they are there, they are alright, and that they “made it” to the other side.

As grief lessens, the deceased person may not hover so close so often. That’s okay and that’s normal. But that doesn’t mean they are gone or that they won’t visit. They will check in periodically. You can reach out to them as well and they will hear you speaking to them in your mind or out loud.

When you eventually pass, you will be reunited with your previously deceased loved ones, plus all the other souls you know/knew from other lives, and you too will reach back to the living and commune with them.

So the answer to the original question is that it depends on how long the deceased person wants to stick around and hover. It can be hours, days, months or years. Eventually the communication will come at greater intervals, but please know that you are never disconnected from your loved ones. They are just a thought away.

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