Is There Proof that We Will See Our Loved Ones When We Die?

A reader on Facebook asked me this question recently:

“Will we really see our loved ones again when we die or is this just a throw away notion that all mediums say to soften our grief?” – Rose

The skepticism is very natural. You’ve got a bunch of mediums out there telling people they will see their loved ones again, but where is the proof?

Even when a medium is able to bring forth some information during a reading they couldn’t possibly know, some skeptics will simply say the medium guessed, or the information is generic, or they are using cold reading techniques.

I did a reading once for a family and I was bringing through a lot of really great verifiable information and the reading was flowing really well. The deceased individual was providing me with so many details of his life and most of the family was happily incredulous for the info they were receiving.

But one guy in the family sat there with his arms crossed the whole time, shaking his head, and saying “This is bull pucky.”

I had to ignore his skepticism and just keep going. But near the end of the reading I asked the deceased individual if he could give me a piece of information that would convince his brother that he was really there.

The deceased guy said “Tell my brother he sees me every time he takes a shower.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I dutifully relayed that information. After I said it the brother leaned forward, uncrossed his arms, and said with shock in his voice, “WHAT did you say?” So I repeated what I said.

He leaned back in his chair, shook his head slightly, and tears started forming in his eyes. He said, “When my brother died, I got a tattoo of his face on my chest, and every time I take a shower I see his face in the mirror.”

And he looked at me like I was a witch. It finally dawned on him that his brother was really there, really speaking to me, and was not gone forever. It changed his life.

But the real proof comes when you can tune in to a stranger and channel one of their deceased relatives or friends, because then you know for sure that you didn’t make anything up.

For example, years ago, my husband at the time, Steve, had such an experience at a conference. I was in the hallway waiting for Steve as our sessions had just ended, and this girl came up to me because she recognized me and knew I was a psychic. She asked me if I could tune in to her deceased uncle.

I saw Steve approaching and I told her to hold on for a minute. I told Steve that this gal was interested in connecting with her uncle and told him to try to make a connection.

Steve tuned in and said “He’s showing me a kitchen cupboard and saying he lives in the cupboard, that you see him in the cupboard. That sounds silly, I’m sorry.”

But the girl lit up and said, “No that’s correct. We put a picture of my uncle just inside my kitchen cupboard. That IS where he ‘lives.’”

Steve was just as shocked as the girl was. He said, “Wow, I can’t believe it. I can see him. I can hear him.” He then went on to tell her a few more things about her uncle.

When the impromptu reading was over Steve said, “If I hadn’t just done that, I’m not sure I would have believed it was possible to connect to a deceased person.”

I said, “Yes, the real proof is not what the medium tells you. The real proof comes when you become the medium and pick up on information that you couldn’t possibly have known unless you were speaking to the deceased individual directly.”

Because of all the readings I’ve done, I carry a firm belief that the soul does not disappear when we die, because I am able to speak to those who have passed. But hearing it from a medium sometimes isn’t enough proof for someone.

In those cases, I recommend to people to learn mediumship and read for a total stranger. Once you’ve had the experience of connecting with the other side, your doubt slips away and you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are waiting for you on the other side.

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