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Glimpsing Alternate Timelines

One of the side effects of being a strong intuitive is the ability to catch glimpses of alternate timelines. Periodically, I get a flash of what would be happening in my life today if I had made different decisions in my past.

Sometimes what I see is wonderful and better than what I’m experiencing in my life, so it can be bittersweet because that path is not the path I chose. But sometimes the path looks somewhat bleak and I feel grateful for where I am.

At first I found it unnerving to view this alternate timeline. I wondered if there is some version of me living that life, or if I am only seeing possible timelines that never came to pass.

I’ve seen a timeline where I continued to exercise daily and ate foods that were more water rich and full of anti-oxidants. My health was much better than it is now.

I’ve seen a timeline where my ex-husband and I didn’t have children. That life involved a lot more focus on career development and a greater impact on humanity, but my children mean the world to me and I’m glad I didn’t take that path.

I’ve seen a timeline where I chose a different career path and worked as a therapist. Another where I got my PhD in Human Factors Engineering and was happily working for NASA. And another path where I wrote paranormal fiction.

Another timeline where I married someone else who has been in my life for decades. There was a lot of joy and laughter on that path.

When I get glimpses of the alternate timelines, it often hits me at the oddest moments, like when I’m walking down the stairs, or driving in the car, or making a snack in the kitchen.

I’m not tuning in, I’m not looking for these timelines, they just suddenly intersect with my consciousness like they are sending me a postcard of what could have been.

I don’t know the physics behind this. I don’t know if there are alternate realities. I don’t know if my soul has splintered into an infinite amount of Erin’s all having a different experience based on choices that I’ve made. It’s too vast and convoluted for me to understand.

My takeaway though is that life is determined by the choices you make every moment of your life. You’re always one major or minor decision away from veering in a new direction, and you want to create the most joyous life possible.

I can see now which paths would have resulted in greater happiness, and I can also see how many of my choices saved me from a difficult life. I am truly grateful for the life I live now, so in the end I must say the timeline that is mine is really kind of wonderful.

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