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How to Tell If You are an Old Soul

Perhaps you’ve heard someone mention, “Oh he’s an old soul.” But what does that mean?

Usually when people refer to someone as being an old soul they mean that the person has lived many lives, has evolved in this lifetime, or just carries great wisdom.

Is there such as a thing as actually being an old soul?

There is! It has to do with awareness, wisdom, experience, and depth.

Here are some ways to tell if you are an old soul.

Earth Seems Very Familiar
Old souls have been to Earth many times. Even though the veil is drawn when we are born and we forget everything we are and have ever done, you won’t be able to help but notice that places, people and things seem very familiar to you.

When you visit a town where your past self lived, you may automatically know where streets lead. Or you may recognize a building because in a past life you worked in it. Or you may be drawn to certain artists and entertainers because a past version of yourself enjoyed them.

You may be drawn to visit certain cities because you had lives there.

You Remember Past Lives
Building on the familiarity concept, you may actually consciously remember some of your past lives. The more you come to Earth, the thinner the veil becomes, and you will actually begin to remember your other lives here.

There are cases of children telling their parents who they were, where they lived, and how they died when they couldn’t possibly know any of those details. Sometimes children remember their past lives more easily because they haven’t been told that these things don’t exist.

You may have vivid dreams of your past lives on Earth. Those memories are an indication of experience and wisdom in old souls.

You are Wise Beyond your Years
Old souls have a tendency to be very wise and insightful. This too comes from having experienced life many times, and having witnessed events from the ether. Having access to universal wisdom will make you stick out like a sore thumb on Earth.

You will have more depth, be more intelligent, be more calm. You will have innate memories that life is just a part you’re playing in the movie of life. You will remember that this character you are playing is just one of many you have played.

You will be able to channel wisdom for your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers. You may not remember how you got this wisdom, but it’s programmed in your spiritual DNA.

You Remember Life Between Lives
Old souls have a tendency to remember their lives in the ether, which is where we go back to when we slough off this mortal life.

While on Earth you will have an innate sense that this life is temporary and that Home is on the other side. You will remember that you chose to incarnate, and you may even remember why you chose these particular life circumstances. You may remember selecting your spirit guides and taking the plunge back to Earth.

You know who you really are, you are in touch with your higher self, and you recognize that you have a soul.

You Have a Strong Connection to the Other Side
Old souls will feel a strong connection to the other side, meaning that you will be very intuitive and have a strong sense of oneness, compassion, and love. You will remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You will be able to tap into your cosmic connection. You may be able to consciously channel wisdom from celestial beings, or connect to your spirit guides, merge with your higher self, contact the ascended masters, or tap into Source energy.

Being able to do this while incarnated on Earth will seem other worldly to you and to others, but it will come easily to you because there is a part of you that remembers who you really are and where you really come from.

You Have a Strong Compulsion to Help Others
Oftentimes old souls will incarnate with the specific intent to help others who are struggling, especially those who are new to physicality.

You will be drawn to professions where you help others, such as being a counselor, advisor, teacher, doctor, minister, social worker, etc.

You will notice that people naturally gravitate to you for advice, and that you seem to be able to give it without judgment.

You’re Able to See the Bigger Picture
Old souls can usually see the bigger picture. They don’t let the trials and tribulations of physical living cause them too much trouble.

Old souls remember that life will carry with it some pain, fear, and anxiety, perhaps some depression or dark times even. But an old soul will know it is temporary, and will be able to work through it, remembering that in the grand scheme of things, this life is a short blip in their overall existence.

An old soul will see the body of humanity, where others only see a cell. They will have a sense of oneness and know that when one person suffers the whole of humanity suffers. They will also know that love can counteract suffering.

Do you think you are an old soul? Do you remember who you really are and where you really come from? Do you carry wisdom, insight, and love in your heart? Do you naturally help others; do people come to you for advice? Then you could very well be an old soul.

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