The Difference Between a Traditional Psychic and an Intuitive Counselor

Traditionally, most psychics are what I call predictive psychics. They want to tell their clients exactly what will happen to them in their future.

For example, they might say, “In 5 months you will be working at a new job but in the same field you’re in now.”

If you ask them, “When will I meet my soul mate?” they might say, “You’ll meet him on a cruise in July.”

To the untrained eye, these sort of fortune tellers appear very powerful to know exactly what’s going to happen to you in the future. They act like the future is set in stone and that you have no choice.

A predictive psychic can give you bad news, such as, “You’re going to lose your first pregnancy at 9 weeks’ gestation. I’m so sorry.”

What usually happens after these predictions are made though? Well, usually they don’t come true. And the reason why they don’t come true is because every action you take can alter your future, due to the fact that we have free will.

So when a predictive psychic is “seeing your future,” they are seeing one possible outcome but presenting it to you like it’s the only possible outcome.

An intuitive counselor is different. In my definition, an intuitive counselor is a professional intuitive who uses her connection to a client’s spirit guides to find out what a client needs to do to obtain the future they desire.

The big difference between a predictive psychic and an intuitive counselor is that the counselor believes the future is not set in stone and therefore a solid, accurate prediction is not possible.

However, the biggest benefit of seeing an intuitive counselor is to get information about all your possible paths so you can choose the path that most interests you.

My job as an intuitive counselor is to look at all your possible trajectories, see where each of your actions will lead, and help you decide which path to take so it leads to your maximum joy and satisfaction.

So if a client comes to me with a question about their career path, I will look to see what happens if they stay at their current job, what happens if they leave their current company and go to another company in the same field, or change careers entirely. I can see what happens on each path. Sometimes in a reading I’ve looked at 10 different paths for a client.

If a client asks me about a future pregnancy, I can see what happens if they continue on their current trajectory, and I can see what problems may be present, and pass along advice from their guides on how to overcome those challenges.

If a client asks me if they should marry their current girlfriend, I will tell him what happens if he does, what challenges they may need to overcome to have a happy marriage, or why marrying that person will lead to a very undesired outcome.

There is great power in being able to choose your own path. Your spirit guides can help you navigate the mine field of life so you can avoid as much devastation and suffering as possible.

If life was like a mine field, a predictive psychic might say, “In three steps you hit a mine field and die.” How disempowering is that?

An intuitive counselor would say, “There is a mine field one foot to your left. If you want to avoid being blown up, do not step left. In addition, if you go straight, there will be another mine field 4 feet in front of you.”

An intuitive counselor can hand you a map and you can navigate your way safely through the mine fields of life.

I would urge you to avoid predictive psychics and seek a professional intuitive who works with you to help you get what you desire. The power is, and always will be, yours!


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