What Happens to Greedy and Corrupt People on the Other Side?

Recently I received this question from a reader. “What happens to greedy and corrupt people on the other side?”

I’ve written about similar topics before, but it bears some repeating and discussion.

When we cross over, we go through a life review. We see, feel, know, and understand how our lives impacted others. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

But I would caution you about thinking there is a judge, jury, and executioner on the other side. We are not judged; we are not punished for our behavior on Earth.

I know that will rub a lot of people the wrong way, because here on Earth we have set up judicial systems that involve arrest, trials and punishment, all so we can live in an orderly society. And that’s an appropriate system for all us humans while we are incarnated.

But when you are no longer playing this character, you are just a soul who is loved, who had an experience on Earth, who made decisions that might have helped or hurt people. Every soul is welcomed back into Source’s love on the other side.

I often liken living to playing characters in a movie. If an actor plays a bad guy in a movie, we don’t punish him in real life right? If the character kills a bunch of people in the movie, we don’t put the actor in jail right?

And so it is on the other side.

Greedy and corrupt people have the same life review and death process as people who give to charity and donate their time to the needy.

That doesn’t mean a “bad” person gets off free. During a life review souls feel the pain they caused others, which is why I strongly encourage people to be kind, caring and compassionate on Earth. And thus the saying, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” because whatever you do to others WILL be done unto you on the other side.

We must all realize that as humans with free will there will be times we do something that isn’t in the best interests of all people involved. We may hurt someone’s feelings with an errant unkind remark. We may accidentally hit a bird while we’re driving. We may grow up with a scarcity mindset that causes us to become greedy in adulthood.

Our actions are a product of how we are raised and what values we adopt as we get older.

If you want to stop corruption and greed, do it here while you are still incarnated. The other side won’t do it for you.

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