Is the Other Side Concerned About What’s Happening on Earth?

Periodically I get emails from people who basically think humanity has gone to Hell in a handbasket, that people are cruel and vicious, and the planet is doomed.  

They want to know what our guides on the other side think about all the horrible things happening in the world today.

Well, I’ll tell you…

They’re not terribly concerned.

Here’s why.

The Bigger Picture

We are focused on what’s happening to us on a daily basis.  Maybe your car didn’t start today.  Maybe someone stole your wallet.  Maybe one of your kids is sick.  Maybe you just lost your job.

These are all very important things to us while we are here, because they impact us instantly and have to be dealt with. 

But to our spirit guides and other helpers on the other side, this is normal and expected.  Of course there will be moments, days, weeks, even years where we are struggling.  It’s par for the course.  

In the grand scheme of things it’s all small stuff when compared to eternity.  It’s a blip.  

If you focus on the moment or the day, you may feel like the world is going to crash and burn, but you’ve got to take a step back and realize that there will be ups and downs in life and you just deal with them as best you can and move on.

In terms of the world stage, it’s really the same thing.  Empires rise and fall. Species live and then become extinct.  The climate is hot and then we’re in an ice age.  Crime is up, then it’s down.  People are dying of a disease and then the disease is eradicated.

If you watched Earth on “fast forward” there would hardly be a sting at all.  The good and the bad even out. 

I know that doesn’t help you in the moment where you are dealing with a crisis, but keeping some perspective may help you coast through a tragedy a little easier.  “This too shall pass” is something I say to myself often. And it does pass.

Is It Really All Bad?

When people write to me, they tell me about all the things going wrong on the world.  If you focus just on what the media is telling us, the world does look pretty grim.

But what you’re not noticing on a grand scale is that most people on Earth are kind, caring people.  Most people on Earth aren’t committing crimes, hurting others, or being greedy.  Most people just want to raise their families in peace, and have a decent life.

But those aren’t the things reported on the evening news, so you may be getting a false impression of how the world is actually operating.  

The news isn’t going to tell you that Timmy Smith learned how to ride a bike without his training wheels today.  Instead, you’re going to hear about the lady who was carjacked, got caught in her seatbelt, was dragged a hundred yards down the street, then had her arm ripped off.  If you judge the world by those stories, eventually you’ll be afraid to leave your house.

If you start looking for the good in the world, you’re going to see a lot more of it.

Is Anything Even Happening at All?

There are those who believe we’re just living in a simulation, that we aren’t even real at all.  We’re video game characters being controlled by algorithms or the whims of a celestial teenager.

There are those who believe that time doesn’t really exist, and that our entire lives are actually happening in just an instant.  

Imagine if you whittled down your entire life to just one instant.  What would there really be to worry about?  The crime, greed, poverty, disasters, and devastation would be less than miniscule.  You’d hardly have time to get upset before it’s over, really.


I’ve mentioned this a lot in my articles.  Everyone alive today is contributing to the nature of our reality by their actions, their contributions, their perspective.  It is up to us as individuals to put into the world what we want to see in the world.

If you carry the belief that the world is falling apart, you are helping to make that our reality.

If instead you carry the belief that people are inherently good, that people will help each other when help is needed, and that nearly everyone on the planet desires peace, you will help to create a more positive reality.

Do Spirit Guides Even Care About Our Suffering?

Our spirit guides absolutely care about our suffering.  When you hurt, they move mountains to try to help you see a way out of your sadness.  They will guide you to solutions, to better days, to joy and love.  But they can only show you the way; you must walk the path.

Angels hold our energy when we are having a breakdown and when we suffer emotionally.

Ascended masters seek to guide the world toward a shared vision of how it wants to function, which again is why it’s so important to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t.

Celestial beings bring us universal wisdom to help us understand how our energy impacts the planet.

The other side cares about us, but they also know it’s up to us to fix what we don’t like here.

What part will you play in the co-creation of reality?  What energy are you putting into the plan?

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