Do Spirit Guides Ever Disagree With Each Other?

When I do readings for clients their spirit guides connect with me as a collective energy.  I ask them questions, I get answers, and relay them to my client.

But sometimes when I’m doing a reading, I’ll present a question to the group of guides and there is hesitation in the answer, and I have to wait.  

I have come to understand that they are conferring with each other on what guidance to send.  Guides don’t always agree on the best path my client should take.

I found this fascinating when I first started to notice it happening.  And a little concerning.

What does it mean if guides don’t agree on guidance?  Is there a dominant guide who overrules the other guides?

A good example of a time this happened to me was when a client asked whether they should accept a specific promotion at work that they were offered, or accept a job offer at a whole new company.  

I waited while the guides discussed the question amongst themselves.

When they were finally ready to share, it was revealed to me that some of the guides thought the promotion would lead to greater joy and fulfillment while others believed the new company would ultimately make him happier.

So they were sort of 50/50 on which path was best.

We delved further into the situation.  The main problem my client had was a boss that caused him a lot of stress.  Accepting the promotion would put him under a new boss who he would enjoy working for more.  It was the easier path with a desired outcome.

But the path where he took the new job would also put him with a great new boss and he would get to do more innovative things in his industry which would bring him joy.  The downside of switching companies though would mean he’d have to move his family about 20 miles away from their current home.

In the short run, staying with his current company would solve his current problem.

In the long run, the other job had the capacity to make him happier, but it would come at the cost of having to move his family, which was something his family didn’t want.

In this case, his guides told him what to expect and he had to choose for himself which path he was going to take, but at least he knew what the expected outcomes would be.

He chose to accept the promotion at his current company because he didn’t want to upset his family.  His guides were very supportive with his decision, and they would have supported him if he chose the other path.

One of the reasons it’s a good idea to ask your spirit guides for advice is because they can explain what happens on each possible path.  Then you can decide what experience you prefer to have and choose the option that best aligns with that path.

In most cases when I’ve had a break in a reading so the guides could confer with each other, it’s to more fully examine options that are both good in some way, just different ways.

They then leave it up to the client to determine which experience they want to have.  It’s sort of like deciding between two rides at an amusement park.  You know you want to go on both, but maybe time constraints require you to choose the one you want to go on more.  Either way, you get to experience something you desire, so in the end, it’s still a win.

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