Would This One Thing Make the World Perfect?

Recently I received an email from a reader who asked, “Do you think if everyone followed their intuition and listened to their spirit guides that the world would be the perfect place?”

While I definitely think it’s a smart idea to follow your intuition and let your spirit guides assist you on your path, even if everyone did that, there would still be conflict and disharmony in the world.  Here’s why.

Your spirit guides’ jobs are to help you manifest your goals and desires.  They help you navigate decision points in your life that will lead you to happier, more joyful paths.

But people desire different things in life. 

Some people desire power, others desire peace.  Some people want to live nice, quiet lives, and others want to change the flow of our collective river.  

No one person has the perfect recipe for a perfect world.

And no one person’s plans for a perfect world are any more valuable than another person’s plans.  

So who is to say what a perfect world would even look like?  If we can’t agree on what it looks like, we can’t collectively manifest it. 

As people navigate their way through their own course in life, they will naturally bump into people crossing their path, which can sometimes knock you off course, and then you have to adjust to get back on track. 

This is all very natural and normal. 

I do encourage you to listen to your guides’ wisdom and act on your intuition.  Periodically ask yourself if the path you’re on is aligned with how you want to show up in the world and what you want to add to the collective.

Stay true to yourself, be kind to others, and if it harm none, do as you will.

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