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Are Some Souls More Evolved Than Others?

A reader asked me this question: “Are some souls more evolved than others?  Are there different stages or levels on the other side?”

I do get asked this question frequently, the idea being that maybe some souls are at higher levels than others, or that some souls are younger and less experienced versus old souls who have incarnated many times.  Or perhaps some souls are “better” than other souls or more important.

It is true that some souls have richer experiences than other souls.  For example, a soul that has incarnated to Earth a hundred times will have more experience as a human than a soul that never incarnates, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are better or more advance or evolved.

Rather I would say different souls focus on different things. 

You may have a soul that wants to have a hundred lifetimes on Earth.  It’s fascinated with the human struggle and fascinated by physicality.

You might have a soul that couldn’t care less about physicality, and it decides to explore the frequencies of the universe for all eternity. 

You might have souls that focus on protecting the energy of those who are incarnated.  Souls that want to guide and assist planet Earth. Souls that are willing to act as spirit guides to those who are incarnated.  Souls that want to help people crossover.  Souls that want to prepare other souls for their next incarnation.

In addition to all of these choices, something that’s hard for us to imagine is that time on the other side does not work the way it does here.  On the other side, events are happening all at the same time, which may seem really counterintuitive to those of us experiencing time as linear here on Earth. 

I would say don’t lose too much sleep over that apparent paradox.  You’ll understand it better when your focus is off this life and it’s back in the ether.

I don’t like the idea of ranking souls as more advanced or more evolved than others.  I prefer to think of it in terms of focus.  What floats my boat as a soul may be of no interest to another soul.  To each his own. 

Just like in life you have people who are experts in one area and others who are expert in other areas, so too are there souls who carry expertise in various subjects.  Who is to say that one focus is better or more valuable than another?

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