How I Got Started as a Professional Intuitive

One of my readers, Jules, submitted this question to me on my “Ask Me Anything” form.  

“I’d like to know how you started getting paid for what you do? More specifically, did you start a business or were you doing some readings for friends, word-of-mouth, etc.?”

Answer: I had started a blog in January of 2006 to talk about spiritual topics.  During that first few months I had some kind of explosive psychic awakening and discovered that I could tune in to other people’s spirit guides and deceased loved ones, not just my own.  This was not something I was trying to do, it just happened, over and over again. 

I wasn’t sure how to proceed so I figured I would sign up for some training with some of the best psychics in the world.  Alas, nothing lined up for me time-wise, and I was a little frustrated.  But my spirit guides told me they would train me, and I trusted them, so I began devoting a couple of hours a day to learn how to give readings.

During this time I volunteered myself to read for family and friends, and that went really well.  But I knew that to be a professional, I had to read for total strangers and be accurate.

So one day my brother was having a co-ed bridal shower and I told him if he wanted me to that I would do little mini readings for his guests (most of whom I did not know).  He said “sure” but when the day arrived I was so nervous and was sort of hoping he forgot about my offer.

Just as the party was winding down, and people were going out to their cars, my brother asked me if I wanted to still do the readings.  Seeing there were only a few people left, I bravely said “sure.”  But someone went outside and yelled out, “Hey, Erin is going to do readings in the living room” and, oh my goodness, all these people came back into the house!

I sincerely thought I was going to die.  Or rather, I hoped the Earth would open up and swallow me.

But my guides were so excited, and they held me up and promised to be there for me.  So what I did was I went around the room and told each person the one thing their guides thought they most needed to know.  I did this without feedback.  I just looked at a person, tuned in, channeled a message and moved on.

I think I read for about 30 people and the room was 100% silent as I did this.  I mean no one acknowledged anything I said.  Everyone was just staring at me.

At the end, thinking I had failed completely, I said “If anyone would like a longer more private reading, I’ll be in that back bedroom, please come one at a time.”  

Then I dashed out of the room figuring no one would show up.

But after a minute or so, a woman came into the room and said, “You completely blew me away with what you said.  You touched on the very problem I am struggling with.  I have some follow up questions if you don’t mind.”  So I gave her a quick reading and she left happy.

Then another person came in.  I said, “How many people are outside this room waiting for me?” and she said, “Quite a few.  Everyone in the living room is talking about what you said to them.  There isn’t one person out there who doesn’t think you’re amazing.”

Wow.  I was shocked.  Truly.  

So I read for the entire line of people and by the time I got out of that room I was exhausted but content.

Reading for strangers gave me the confidence I needed to open up shop as a professional intuitive.  On June 6, 2006 I began my career as a professional, paid, intuitive.

Now it’s 2023 and I’ve read for tens of thousands of people all over the world.  I am grateful to serve.  

If you are considering becoming a professional intuitive, I recommend you get some training from someone you trust, or let your guides guide you.  

To my own students I recommend they do at least 60-100 free readings to test themselves, gain confidence, and learn about the nuances of how guides present information.

Always be open to constructive feedback and know that you will make mistakes but learn from them.  Serving humanity as a professional intuitive is a wonderful path in my not so humble opinion.  The world definitely needs more honest, ethical, accurate intuitives.

If you’ve got the calling, follow it!

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