Can a Deceased Loved One Visit You in a Dream if They’ve Already Reincarnated?

A question from a reader: “My husband passed away 3 years ago and I have yet to have a dream about him or have any contact with him.  Is that because he reincarnated?  Do people reincarnate that quickly?  I feel sad that I won’t get contact from him.”

When a loved one passes away it’s reassuring if you get some kind of contact from them from the other side so you know they’re okay.

Not all deceased people know how to reach back through the veil to make contact with a living loved one.  It’s not an automatic skill. 

But deceased people do work on ways to interact with their living loved ones and they often get help from guides or angelic beings on the other side.

Additionally, it’s possible, that if you’re not used to remembering your dreams, that your husband may be attempting to visit you and you don’t notice.  Asking for contact in other ways that will be more noticeable to you is best in this situation.

But even if your husband has reincarnated, you can still receive contact from his higher self at any time during the rest of your lifetime.  

Sometimes our dearly departed choose to contact us and sometimes they don’t.  It’s ultimately their choice, and there are limits to what they can accomplish.

Rest assured, however, that you will reconnect with him when you cross over, even if he is reincarnated.  The higher self remains in the ether and will be there to greet you when you cross over. 

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