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How to Maintain Your Light When Surrounded by the Dark

I had several readers ask me a variation on the following question.

“How do you maintain your light when you’re surrounded by dark energy, whether that’s from other humans or even entities?  What can we do to stay in a nice high vibration when we have to work or live with people who constantly drag us down?”

Remove The Energy

My first response would be to try very hard to remove negative energy people from your life as much as possible.  Don’t live with them, work with them, date them, or socialize with them.  The more contact you have with them in your daily life, the more drained you will become, or the harder you will have to fight to maintain your own light.

Create Space

Given that it’s not always possible to remove yourself or them from your life, my second suggestion is to create an oasis of serenity for yourself that remains inviolate.  So a room in your home, or your bedroom if you live with your parents, or your office (or cubicle) if this is happening at work, etc.

This space you create for yourself could have candles, relaxation music, plants, flowers, artwork, soft pillows or bedding, even a canopy you can sit under.  

It might be a man-cave or a she-shed.  A space that is yours that you can escape to when you need a break, to unwind, or to raise your vibration.  Set that up in a place no one has easy access to.

Go to that sacred spot when you need to recharge and reconnect to Source.

Remember Where You Come From

When you are out and about and encounter someone with negative or low vibration energy, take a few deep breaths, get yourself to a high vibration, and interact with them from a place of love, compassion, and/or empathy.  

Sometimes when I interact with someone who is purposely trying to hurt or attack me, I remember they are a soul in pain, that they are missing their conscious connection to Source, that they’ve forgotten we are all One, and when I view them in that light it’s much harder for them to get under my skin.

Instead, I try to transfer some love into their spiritual bank account and hopefully lift them up out of their own darkness even for a short period of time.

Refuse to Accept the Gift of Negativity

One of the best ways I’ve found to maintain my own light when someone comes at me is to stand there, silent, and just let them get it all out.  I don’t argue, fuss, or fight with them.  Their opinions of me or my situation are their own, and they are entitled to their own beliefs.  I do not have to try to dissuade them.  This can take some practice but it’s worth learning.

Most of the time they will peter out when they see they are not getting a rise out of you. When they are done speaking, either walk away or say something like, “Alrighty then” or “I hope you feel better now that you’ve gotten that out.”

Astral Entities

When it comes to entities like astral entities, I have found that casting love energy at them will dispel them.  They cannot seem to stand to be in the presence of a strong, loving light.  They recoil and take off.

No matter the situation, try to take note of what you’re feeling, try to discern why the person is in pain, and if you can’t help them directly, it’s okay to walk away and protect your own energy from their bombardment.

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