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When Will the World End?

how the world ends

A question from a reader: “Do you know when the world might end, and do you know if it will be the sun blowing up that causes it to end?”

Is Prediction Possible?

There’s no way to reliably predict when Earth will be destroyed, but technically we are heading closer to Armageddon every day.  Eventually our sun will burn out and that will be it for Planet Earth unless new technology is invented in the future that can prevent that.

Along the way, we could be taken out by an asteroid, a nasty virus, a black hole, or perhaps an alien race blows us out of the galaxy with their Death Star.  You just never know when the clock will stop ticking on Earth.

Additionally, humans may become extinct long before the planet dies.  I think that’s probably more likely, especially given that most of the species that have ever lived on Earth are extinct now.  We are not immune to that.

What About the Prophets?

You may notice there are a lot of prophets who make prophecies about the end of the world, and literally none of them have ever come to pass.  So I would also ignore any prognostications made by well-meaning and self-proclaimed prophets that the end of the world is nigh.

What if We Don’t Even Really Exist?

If our existence is actually a simulation then the world ends when someone pulls the plug on the Earth project or creates a new program.

If we’re just a dream in the mind of God, the world ends when God wakes up.

The Only Power We Possess

The only thing under our control is how we live the life we have while we’ve got it.  Whether we are physical beings, energetic beings, bits and bytes, or a character in a dream, we have the capacity to experience life consciously.

Focus on making your precious and possibly fleeting existence one you enjoy every day.  

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