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Do Deceased Spouses Care if you Remarry?

I received this question from Annabelle. “My husband of 23 years passed away 2 years ago.  It was a hard loss.  I didn’t think I would ever find that kind of love again, but I’ve met someone who I think I could marry someday.  Is my husband mad at me on the other side?  Am I betraying him?  Or would he be comfortable if I married someone else?”

In my recent video, “Does Marriage Exist in the Afterlife?” I mentioned that marriage is a human construct and is not present on the other side.  

Is there long, enduring love on the other side?  Absolutely!

But we are not married to anyone on the other side.  We interact with all the souls we have ever loved. We merge back into the ocean of humanity, connected through Source, but also retaining individual memories, experiences, and feelings.

Your deceased spouse or partner absolutely knows this and has no issue whatsoever with you loving a new partner or even marrying them.  They understand that human companionship is important and that love is infinite.  In fact, it’s possible your deceased spouse sent this new guy to you so you wouldn’t be lonely.

Our souls are not about possessing or owning other people.  Earthly marriage contracts were originally designed to determine inheritance rights and to keep track of a bloodline.  None of that is occurring on the other side.

Now you might wonder who will greet you on the other side when you cross over, husband #1 or husband #2? Both will be present, along with any or all of your past spouses, partners, loved ones, children, animals, etc. 

What greets you on the other side is love.  Pure and simple.

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