Why Psychics Don’t Win the Lottery

It’s a cliché. I hear it all the time. “If you’re so psychic, how come you haven’t won the lottery?” Great question. And the answer is very simple. Lottery Numbers are Randomly Generated Last time I checked, lottery numbers are selected at the time of the drawing. They’re not selected in advance. They are randomly… Read On

When Will It Happen? Psychics and Predicting the Future

In my email just this past week, I received these three gems… “A psychic told me I would have a new job in 6 months, and I waited, but it didn’t happen. Was the psychic wrong?” “A psychic told me I would find my soul mate in 4 months but that didn’t happen. Does that… Read On

In League with Satan

Sometimes I get emails from people who are very urgently trying to warn me that the work I’m doing comes from Satan, not God. They let me know that the spirit guides I *think* I’m speaking with are just demons or Satan in disguise. They quote a few Bible verses at me, they tell me… Read On

Why don’t multiple psychics give the exact same predictions and information?

Question: Hey, Erin, I’ve been to 5 different psychics to get information about my love life, and I’ve gotten basically 5 different answers. Three said love was coming, one said no one was coming, and one said someone was coming in 2 years. What am I supposed to do with this information? Are they all… Read On

Shutting Down After Doing Intuitive Readings

If you’re a professional intuitive, as in someone who uses their intuitive abilities to provide helpful advice or information to clients, then you probably know that if you do too much of this work you can feel a little drained energetically and physically. When I first started doing readings, I was sometimes doing 8-12 per… Read On