Shutting Down After Doing Intuitive Readings

If you’re a professional intuitive, as in someone who uses their intuitive abilities to provide helpful advice or information to clients, then you probably know that if you do too much of this work you can feel a little drained energetically and physically.

When I first started doing readings, I was sometimes doing 8-12 per day. By 5pm I would often plop myself down on my bed, hold my head in my hands, and feel like I’d been hit by a mack truck.

That’s when I realized I couldn’t continue doing that many readings or I was going to jeopardize my own health. I went to my guides and asked them what to do. They gave me a better way to do readings, and taught me how to shut down when I was done for the day. I want to share what I’ve learned in case it’s useful to those of you who are already professional intuitive or thinking about becoming a professional.

The Wrong Way to Do Readings
When I first started doing readings, I would meditate, raise my vibration, and go sit in my “garden” with my higher self and ask my clients’ higher selves to come sit with me and tell me what they wanted my client to know. That worked great, but I found myself tired at the end of the day and I also found that my “garden” was cluttered with other people’s energy, not just my own. It’s like hosting a party and more and more guests come and you’ve got to keep them fed and watered, day after day. They were “drinking all my wine” and I didn’t feel right kicking them out.

The Right Way to Do Readings
So one day when I was on my way to my “garden” my guides gave me a detour. I ended up in a room that was pure white light. I call it my White Room. Inside I met Bob, my conduit guide. Bob explained that he was there to act as a conduit between me and my clients’ spirit guides. Nifty right?

Bob’s job was to act as a bouncer of sorts. He let in the spirits that were authorized to attend a reading, and when I was done, he would escort them out of the White Room with a hug and a mint. 😉 This worked great. No more lingering energies. No more siphoning of my energy. Bob kept me guarded and secure.

Shutting It Down
My White Room is like a virtual office in my mind. I go there to do readings, I leave the room when I’m done and lock it behind me. Bob stays behind and does paper work. 😉 Having a White Room to go to during readings also helped me stop doing drive-by readings for people when I’m out shopping. If a person absolutely needs me to go give them a message, Bob lets the guide in, I get the message, pass it along, and keep shopping. It’s rare though. When I’m off-duty, I’m pretty off.

Another tactic I have for disconnecting from the ether and reconnecting with the earth is that once I’m done with readings for the day, I turn off my meditative music and blast some rock ‘n roll. That grounds me instantly. I sing a little, shimmy in my chair, and do something very mundane like pay bills or answer some emails.

The last thing I want to do is still be connected to the ether when I’m picking the kids up from school, making dinner, or helping with homework.

If you are a professional intuitive and you’re working with clients for several hours a day, it’s a really healthy idea to have a tune-in and a shut-down procedure so that you maintain healthy boundaries between you and the spirit world, and so that you can function with more energy during your day.

I hear from other intuitives the ways they ground themselves after a heavy day of readings. Eating, exercising, drinking, watching tv, taking a bath, taking a walk, or talking to a friend are the common answers I hear. Just find something that works for you.

Oh, always thank your guides before you leave for the day. Before I leave my White Room I always give Bob a hug and a big thank you. Otherwise, I don’t get my mint! 😉

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