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When Will It Happen? Psychics and Predicting the Future

In my email just this past week, I received these three gems…

“A psychic told me I would have a new job in 6 months, and I waited, but it didn’t happen. Was the psychic wrong?”

“A psychic told me I would find my soul mate in 4 months but that didn’t happen. Does that mean he’s gone forever and I’m doomed to be alone?”

“A psychic said my medical problem would clear up in 2 weeks but it actually got worse. Why was she wrong?”

This is one of my pet peeves with many of the practicing intuitives out there. They tell their clients exactly when something will happen, and when it doesn’t, the client is very disappointed, thinks the psychic was a fraud, or worse, they feel like they missed out on a chance to get something they really wanted.

I understand that as a client you want to know when you’re going to get what you desire. But no psychic can reliably predict when things will happen because the future is not set in stone. Because you have free will, every action you take will either bring you closer to or further from your desire, so how does a psychic know in advance what actions you will take with your free will? Answer… he doesn’t.

So why do some psychics give you a time prediction then if nothing is set in stone? Some psychics think that in order to sound amazing and magical, they have to give specific dates. Some psychics receive a date, but don’t realize it’s mercurial. And some psychics will tell you what you want to hear so you’ll be happy with your reading. Be wary.

When I read for my clients and they ask me when something is going to happen, I sometimes get a time frame, like 6 months, but with the caveat that it’s only going to work out if the client does X, Y, or Z. And even then, a client can make something happen faster, or can make something take longer, by their actions.

A much better question to ask is “How can I get X, Y or Z as quickly as possible?” Then the guides can give advice about how to adjust your course, your thinking, or your actions in order to obtain what you desire in the easiest and shortest amount of time possible.

Does that make sense?

When I get a date, time frame, or an age at which my client is going to achieve or obtain something, I always let the client know that the time frame is based on their current trajectory and their current actions, and that they can affect that time frame with their actions and decisions. So if you don’t like where you’re headed and how long it’s going to take you to get there, you can absolutely rev the engine and push the accelerator and get there sooner. Likewise, you can stave off disaster with some foreknowledge of what’s coming on your path and how soon it’s going to impact you if you don’t make changes now. That’s actually one of the best reasons to get a reading with an intuitive.

Plus, accidents happen. You may be on course to get something you’ve intended to get for a long time, but due to the free will actions of others, you may be knocked off course. When that happens, you’re going to circle the airport of life and try landing again. It’s not denied to you, just delayed.

When you get a reading from an ethical, responsible, professional intuitive, they will empower you to make your own decisions and obtain your own rewards. They won’t rob you of your power by telling you something will or will not happen.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you thought you were supposed to meet your future husband at Starbucks on April 2, 2014 at 3pm and you got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it? Would you stop looking for a mate? And what happens if you meet a fantastic man 3 weeks before April 2, 2014? Do you tell him to buzz off because he didn’t arrive on the right day?

Next time you have a reading, ask empowering questions.

Instead of: When will I get the job I really want?
Ask: What do I need to do now to ensure I’ll have a job I love within the next year?

Instead of: When will I meet Mr. Right?
Ask: What beliefs are currently preventing me from having the relationship I desire, and what beliefs can I adopt that would help me manifest a great relationship soon?

Instead of: When am I going to die?
Ask: If I continue with my current way of eating, will it cause any significant health problems down the road?

Instead of: When will I be able to hear my guides?
Ask: How can I adjust my methods so I can hear my guides more clearly and more often?

Be very wary of a psychic who tells you when you are going to have or achieve something. She might be right, she might be wrong, but it’s not really for her to say. She should guide you and give you options, not lock you on a road that’s all or nothing. If you’re in a forest and you’re headed for a lake, I can tell you how soon you’ll reach the lake IF you stay on your current path, going at your current pace. But along the way you might get distracted by the bear that’s headed in your direction, or you may veer off and climb that tree over there before getting to the lake.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is to take time predictions with a grain of salt. Use the information and the estimate to determine if you want to go faster towards the goal or put on the brakes entirely and head off in a new direction. You are not locked onto one path.

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