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Why Psychics Don’t Win the Lottery

It’s a cliché. I hear it all the time. “If you’re so psychic, how come you haven’t won the lottery?” Great question. And the answer is very simple.

Lottery Numbers are Randomly Generated
Last time I checked, lottery numbers are selected at the time of the drawing. They’re not selected in advance. They are randomly generated. No one can predict what numbers will come up because it hasn’t been decided yet. But don’t psychics predict the future? Isn’t that what they do?

Psychics Don’t Predict the Future
There’s a myth going around that psychics predict the future. That’s not the case. The future is not set in stone so how can someone reliably predict what is going to happen? They can’t. A psychic cannot tune in to the future, see what numbers came up, and then buy a ticket with those numbers.

If a psychic tried to tune in to actual lottery numbers she would be shown a gazillion possible lottery combinations. All of those combinations have an equal chance of coming up, so which numbers is she supposed to give you?

But what if your guides want you to win the lottery? Can’t they game the system to make sure your numbers come up?

Guides Can’t Help You Win the Lottery
How many guides are guiding humans who could use some money? A few billion maybe? So you’re up in the ether on Monday night at the big gathering of the guides and one of them says, “My Joey lost his job. He could sure use a lottery win.” Another guide says, “Well my Mary’s husband just left her and the 10 kids. She needs it more.” Another guide comes in and says, “My guy needs bail money.”

How are they supposed to decide who gets the numbers? Rock, paper, scissors? A cage match? A coin toss? Nope. They don’t decide at all. There are easier ways for your guides to bring money into your life.

But aren’t some lottery winners meant to get that money?

Lottery Winners Just Got Lucky
None of the lottery winners were “meant” to win the lottery. They are just lucky sons-of-bitches. Their win was random. Their guides are probably jumping up and down for them in the ether.

That’s it. Psychics don’t win the lottery because they can’t see what’s going to happen, only what could possibly happen. And there are just too many possibilities for that knowledge to be of any use.

Sorry pal. Go back to your day job. Nothing to see here. 😉

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