The Ghost in the Hall

One of my favorite paranormal stories to relate happened to me when I was 16 years old. One night I laid down to go to sleep with a high fever, it was probably 103 to 104 degrees. Needless to say, I was not in good shape. My mind was racing and ruminating and I just couldn’t get control of my thoughts well enough so that I could relax and get to sleep. So I did a meditation that would help me focus my mind and relax. In my meditation I went down an elevator, got out, went down a staircase, then went to my “room” where I go to speak to spirits sometimes. For more details on this meditation, click here.

I was on my way back “up” the elevator when I sensed a presence in the elevator with me. My last thought as I drifted off to sleep was, “Uh oh, this isn’t right.”

The next thing I know I am tingling with the energy vibration that precedes an astral projection. I separated from my body and got out of bed. I walked/glided to my bedroom door which faced the long hallway upstairs in our house. Then I saw someone walk out of our bathroom and turn towards me. I could only see his right side, half of him was “missing” or faded out. He was wearing a football jersey with a number on it, and he reminded me of someone I’d seen at school named John. So I said, “John, is that you?” He looked right at me. His eyes held darkness and negative vibrations. He replied in a sibilant whisper, “No, I’m the Devil…” and started walking towards me.

I sensed that this was the entity that accompanied me in the elevator. I said, “Stop it, you’re scaring me!” to which he just smiled and continued walking towards me. At the last second, he turned and walked into my brother’s room, which was right next to mine.

I wasn’t sure what to do but I noticed a figure at the end of the hall wearing all white robes. He appeared to be an older man with white hair and a long white beard. His robes had glowing gold symbols on them. He beckoned to me and I flew (yes, flew) towards him. He said, “You brought him here and you need to take him back.” I said, “How?” He replied, “Grab hold of my sleeve.” I did and suddenly I felt myself just accelerating at high speed. I do not know where we went or what we did but I felt the passage of time. The next thing I knew he was dropping me off back in my bedroom next to my body lying on the bed. I merged back in with my body and that was it. Or so I thought.

The next morning I got up and felt a little better. On my way to the bathroom my mom called out to me from downstairs and said, “Erin! Erin! You’ve got to hear about what happened to your brother last night!” I joined my family downstairs and my brother related this story:

He said he’d been watching tv while falling asleep (a common practice for him). My father would usually go down the hall and turn off his tv for him once he’d fallen asleep. That night, my father came down the hall to turn off the tv and my brother protested weakly saying he was still awake and to leave it on. My dad said, “Yeah sure” as he could tell that my brother was nearly asleep. As my dad closed his door my brother said he saw a ghost slip in just as the door was closing. He described the ghost this way, “He looked like a guy in my art class, but he was wearing a football jersey and I could only see half of him. His other half was missing.” He said the ghost started walking towards him and my brother started screaming for my dad. My dad came rushing in and turned on the light. My brother was just screaming in fear. My father had to calm him down. Apparently, he was screaming so much that it woke my mom and sister who slept way down the hall. Everyone got up and came running to his room. All except me… because, perhaps I was a little busy. Strange though that I didn’t wake up with everyone else.

So the only people who saw this ghost were me in my astral state and my brother in his half-asleep state. The fact that we both described this entity the exact same way freaked all of us out. It’s a story we relate to guests sometimes because it’s one of the few times where there were multiple witnesses to an event.

We never saw that ghost again. I guess I put him back in his place huh? 😉

High fevers often brought on paranormal events for me. I’ll tell you more about those in future entries.

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