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Ask Erin: If psychic phenomenon is real, why can’t it be proven?

Question: I think there is more to reality than what science has (or can) describe.  However, if such proof of paranormal occurrences is so pervasive, as they seem to be by your accounts, why are there still skeptics?  Surely some sort of data can be shown to the world that conclusively shows there is something going on.  Your thoughts? – Haig

Answer: Many paranormal experiences are subjective and difficult to prove.  Science requires that in order to accept something as fact it has to be repeatable, and many paranomal phenomenon simply aren’t.

I read something in a book years ago that seemed to sum up why it’s difficult to prove paranomal experiences.  The tools simply don’t exist yet.  But just because you can’t see a thing doesn’t mean the thing is not there.  We can’t see atoms with our naked eye, so we didn’t really know they existed until the electron microscope was invented.  

People used to think the world was flat because they simply lacked the ability to see that it was round; but that doesn’t mean the world was flat until they discovered it was round.  It was round the whole time and just waiting for people to discover it. 

We don’t have the ability to detect astral bodies.  At least, not that I’m aware of. 😉  We can’t see other beings living on different planes of existence with just our naked eye, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Until science creates tools to detect these things, they will remain largely unprovable.

As another example, let’s say everyone was blind; no eyes, can’t see.  But a few people have this strange and mystical ability to actually see.  They try to describe colors to those without sight and everyone thinks they’re making it up.  They tell someone, “Hey, lookout, you’re about to bump into a chair” and when it happens people say, “How did you know that would happen?” and the person simply says, “I could see it.”  No one believes them because they don’t have “the sight.”  They think these people just made a lucky guess or are using parlor tricks to make people think they have special abilities.  To those with sight, however, it’s just so obvious.

Another reason there are still skeptics is because many people have simply decided that paranomal abilities are impossible so they are creating a reality in which those things become impossible.  They will accept any other explanation for an event that to some is so obviously paranormal.  I’ve experienced this denial first hand after I went vegan and starting telling my family and friends how food animals suffer before they are slaughtered.  Most people don’t want to know about that so they simply deny the fact that this is happening.  I am amazed at the lengths people will go to to deny something that is fact because they are unwilling to accept what it would mean to their belief structure.

I think in time science will catch up and eventually we’ll be able to prove the existence of many things that most people today believe aren’t possible.  The truth is out there already; the universe is just waiting for us to notice it.

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