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Where the Eagles Fly

If you’re a regular reader of Steve’s Blog you’ll know that Steve talks a lot about Bears and Eagles.  Bears are those that are still sleeping (hibernating actually).  They are unaware humans living a very 3rd dimensional existence.  Eagles, on the other hand, are what Steve refers to as people who are aware and conscious beings.  In a great blog entry, Are you a Bear or an Eagle?, Steve discusses how you can tell which one you are.

Many people have written to me and asked me variations on this question:  Okay, I’ve left my cave and I think I’m a hatchling eagle.  Now where do I find other eagles to hang out with?

This is a great question and definitely befitting someone who has left their cave and is seeking to fly with the eagles.  After all, once you discover you have wings, you want to take flight as soon as possible, and it’s nice to be in the company of other eagles.  Who wants to be an eagle hopping around an old bear cave?

So where are the eagles? How do you find them?  It’s not easy in the beginning.  That’s the short answer.  When you’re surrounded by bears it will be difficult to even know who might be an eagle.  Since most people on this planet are bears, you may not even know any eagles.  And that means you’re going to have to fly around a bit and look for them.  Here are some tips to find the eagles.

  1. Look up.  Figuratively speaking of course.  Think about people in your life who are smarter than you and seem to be wise.  They might be an eagle.  Often eagles don’t reveal themselves to bears; instead they don bear suits and visit bears in their caves.  You need to start looking like an eagle to capture their attention.
  2. Look around.  See if there are any clubs in your area where eagles might be members.  For example, you probably won’t find too many eagles in the Orchid Society or the BMW club.  But you might find eagles in a metaphysics club or in Mensa, or even in alternative lifestyle clubs like Wiccan, Pagan, or Natural Parenting.  People in those clubs tend to be more conscious than the average bear.
  3. Look online.  Don’t fret if you can’t find eagles in your local community.  There are plenty online.  Seek forums and online communities where people are discussing raising their awareness, spirituality, or consciousness.  Once you hook up there, you might be able to find people locally.
  4. Look for seminars.  High awareness people like to put on seminars and workshops.  Go to the websites of high awareness people and see when their next speaking engagement is going to be, or if they are planning a workshop.  Attend it if you can.  Other high awareness people will be there.  Perhaps you can hook up with one.
  5. Look inside.  If all else fails and you can’t find eagles around you, don’t forget you have a plethora of 4th dimensional beings to draw upon.  Spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, and even Source.  Getting in touch with higher beings will help you soar.

In time, you will attract other eagles into your life.  Show your feathers.  Other eagles may spot you and come introduce themselves.  You’ll be flying in no time. 🙂

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