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Ask Erin: Can two people share a lucid dream?

Question: I am new to the idea of lucid dreaming and have a question.  Can you enter someone’s dream who isn’t lucidly controlling it?  Say, appear to a long lost friend or your husband sleeping next to you? – Kim

Answer:  My very first mental response when I read this question was “yes, shared dreams are possible.”  And then as I thought about every one of my experiences where I shared a dream experience with someone else I realized that we were not in a lucid state, we were in an astral state, or some other altered state of consciousness.

Remember that movie years ago starring Dennis Quaid called Dreamscape?  It was about a man who could enter people’s dreams.  One of my favorites movies at the time.  I remember wondering if it was possible.  I experimented a lot with my friends; we all tried to enter each other’s dreams.  I don’t believe we were successful.

However, I have had numerous experiences where I was having an astral encounter at the same time and of the same nature as a friend who was either sleeping near me or miles away, thus lending validity to what I was experiencing on the astral plane.  Here are some brief examples of these experiences:

One morning in my teen years while I was still asleep I started going astral.  I could psychically hear my mother down the hall calling out to me for help.  I flew down the hall (why walk when you can fly, right? 😉 ) and I saw her in her bed looking very distressed.  She appeared to me to be half in and half out of her body.  I flew over to her to reassure her that all was okay when suddenly something with long and spindly arms landed on top of me and pushed me down onto the bed.  It had a deviantly sexual energy to it which repulsed me.  I immediately protected myself with white light and got back to my body pronto.  Now fully incorporated with my body, I ran down the hall to find my mother just waking from her sleep.  She started going on and on about how something with long and spindly arms and legs landed on her and was smothering her and how she was calling out to me for help.

In another instance I had a dream that I was in this castle running from a demon.  I remember running down some stone stairs and hiding underneath them as I heard footsteps coming after me.  I was breathing hard from the exertion of running.  I heard someone coming down the steps and right before I was to see who it was, I woke up.  The next morning, my boyfriend told me he had a dream that he was in this castle looking for me.  He said he saw me running from a demon and intercepted on my behalf.  He was able to dispell the demon and then came after me.  He went down the stairs and told me he saw me hiding underneath them.  It’s almost like we were in the same place but seeing the activity from our own perspectives.  I had many more experiences like this, with him, which is something I’ve alluded to in a previous blog entry about my 4 month battle with a higher level demon.

I can also recall an experience where I dreamed I was in my house with my aunt, cousin, mom, and sister and something evil was present.  The chandelier started shaking and all the rest of the furniture started shaking as well.  I sensed an evil presence and we tried to get out of the house but the door wouldn’t open.  I was completely lucid.  I immediately told everyone to hold hands and form a circle.  My sister was on my left and my mom was on my right.  I called God and the Angels down to help us and after a few moments the evil presence was gone.  I woke up thinking it was just one of my regular nightly occurences, but my sister told me she was having a dream that she was driving and fleeing from something evil and reached her hand down to the floor and felt me grab her hand!  Same hand I was holding in the dream.  My mom reported a similar dream that night where she said she felt someone grabbing her hand (also the same one as my dream).

So when I got this question I was trying to recall a situation where I shared a dream with someone that wasn’t also an astral or supernatural experience and I couldn’t think of any.  Does anyone else out there have a story to tell where they shared a dream, lucid or not, with someone else?

As for entering someone else’s dreams while they are sleeping… I’ve never done it, but something tells me it would be possible if you could match your brain wave activity.  I think you’d need to have some psychic ability, however.


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