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Signs From the Spirits

Signs from the Spirits

Signs from the SpiritsHave you ever wondered if your deceased relatives or friends are trying to reach you from beyond?  Have you ever felt a presence in your house and turned around only to see nothing?  Have you ever suddenly smelled your deceased mother’s favorite perfume wafting through the room?  Do your clocks stop for no apparent reason, light bulbs burn out in threes, or does your phone ring once on your deceased relative’s birthday?  If so, you may be receiving signs from the spirits.  Or you may have faulty wiring and bad batteries. 😉

So how do you tell the difference?

Sometimes clocks just stop.  Sometimes three light bulbs will burn out in the same day.  Sometimes a phone ringing once just means it was a wrong number.  But sometimes it really is an attempt at communication from a spirit.  Spirits have limited ability to affect our plane.  And spirits who have recently crossed over don’t always know how to make clocks stop or phones ring.  Most often, the recently departed will appear to you in a dream since that is a time when you are halfway to their plane.  But many experienced spirits will learn how to affect electronic equipment.  Once they do you could have a cacophony of activity going on around you.

Besides affecting electronic equipment, spirits will make their presence known through all five (maybe even six) senses.  You might smell your grandmother’s perfume, feel a feathery touch on your shoulder or back, you might hear your name called, or see a shadowy figure out of your peripheral vision.  You might even just sense their presence in the room.

What I’ve learned to do is ask for signs and then watch for them.  For example, as I related in my blog entry, A Visit from Grandpa my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage as the result of a blighted ovum.  So when I got pregnant for a second time I was naturally concerned about whether there was really a baby in there or not.  I couldn’t wait for my doctor appointment to confirm it so I asked the spirits to send me a sign that there really was a baby in my belly.  Boy did they ever!  The next morning I woke up and found 3 of my clocks had stopped at the same time in the middle of the night! One clock was a simple wall clock with batteries.  Okay, maybe the batteries went dead.  But the second clock that stopped was our VCR clock.  It was not flashing.  It was simply stuck at 1:37 and never moved past that time.  That’s very unusual.  It was still plugged in and getting power, it was simply stuck on 1:37 and not moving.  And the third clock was a quartz crystal clock that had been running perfectly fine for more than 15 years!  And on that night it suddenly decided it had had enough and stopped at 1:37.  No batteries or plugs on that one.  So three different type of clocks all decided to stop in the middle of the night.  I knew it was a strong sign from the spirits that there was indeed a baby growing inside me.  And there was.

Try this exercise, which is best done in the morning so you have time to notice the effect.  Sit on your bed and ask a specific deceased relative for a sign that they are present.  Then be very very open to seeing a sign.  Don’t ask them to do something specific like stop a clock because they simply might not know how to do it.  Be open for any kind of synchronicity or event that is out of the ordinary.  Just for that day don’t be so quick to explain away unusual or extraordinary things.  Sometimes a picture of them will fall over.  Or you’ll find an old hairclip under your bed that your mom gave you.  Or maybe you’ll get a wrong number asking for Julie and Julie is the name of the deceased relative you were asking for signs.  In other words, don’t decide in advance how your sign will come to you.  Be open for anything.  It’s fairly difficult for spirits to affect our plane so they will jump on any opportunity to show you they are there.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a sign.  Keep asking for one and wait.  Spirits are busy people and they’ll get around to it when they have time.

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