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The Secret

This past Sunday night I found myself walking into the living room of a total stranger who didn’t even know I was coming.  Here’s the story of how I ended up there and why.

This past Friday I was attending a meeting with a couple of acquaintances from Toastmasters.  There was a woman there named Sandy who told us we had to go see this movie, The Secret, and that someone was screening it in his home on Sunday night.  She couldn’t attend but thought we would enjoy ourselves.  We all called this English chap and left our phone numbers so we could get directions and time and place.  He called me back on Sunday morning and gave me directions.

I headed over there at 6pm, only no one told the hosts I was coming.  And so it was that when I knocked on the door I got a blank stare from the owner of the house.  He was confused as to how I ended up there.  But I knew I was supposed to be there so I simply said with confidence, “Hello, my name is Erin and I know I’m a total stranger but is this the house where The Secret is being shown?”  He replied, “Uh, yes.”  And I said, “Great, this English chap said it would be okay to come, and by the way, a few other people you don’t know are also coming.”  He was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.  Very adaptable.

For 30 minutes I sat in their living room noticing no one else arriving.  The fellow who was supposed to be bringing the movie wasn’t there, nor was the English chap who directed me there, nor were any of my friends from the previous meeting.  But I’m a pretty friendly person and I love meeting new people so everything was okay.

By 7pm, everyone else who was supposed to be there had arrived.  Phew.  We ate, got to know each other, and then watched the movie.

Okay, so what is The Secret?  The Secret is a movie that you simply have to watch. I’m not going to reveal what the Secret is because you’ll be much better off learning about it in the way it was meant to be revealed.  How’s that for cryptic? 

You can download and watch the movie on a broadband connection for $4.95 or you can purchase the DVD for $29.95 and have a showing in your home like these people did in theirs.  I highly recommend you purchase the DVD and invite your friends over.  It’s one of those experiences where you’ll want to have a discussion afterwards.

Basically, The Secret will help you manifest anything you want in life.  The movie reveals how it’s done.  I noticed so many synchronicities as I watched the movie, one of which was that I had just spoken of something similar in my podcast, Embracing Your Passion.

Esther Hicks, who channels an entity known as Abraham, figures prominently in the movie.  What he/she has to say will wake you up to a whole new way of thinking that has to be seen to be fully understood.  And if you’ve read the book, Ask and It Is Given, then you’re one step ahead.

Check The Secret out for yourself and join us on a path to total manifestation of everything you’ve ever wanted.

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