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Embracing Your Passion Podcast

I’ve recorded a new podcast over at Steve’s site that you all might be interested in.  You can listen to it through your computer very easily; you don’t need to download it.  This podcast tells the story of how I found my true mission and started living my life on purpose.  I also give some insights as to how you can transition your life so that you are living on purpose as well.

Here are the instructions to hear it through your computer:

  1. Go to Steve Pavlina’s audio page here:
  2. Find the little blue button with the black dot on it in the scroll bar of the audio file list.  The one with Steve’s photo on it.
  3. Scroll down to podcast #14: Embracing Your Passion.
  4. Click on it and it will start playing immediately through your own speakers.

Enjoy and pass it along if you feel inclined. 🙂

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