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Like Rats in a Maze

As I’ve been doing all of these readings I’m noticing that a lot of you are searching for your life path and life purpose.  That’s wonderful!  My spirit guides have explained something to me using a metaphor that I’d like to explain to you since I think it will help you understand a little something about how life works.  Here is how they’ve explained it to me.

Imagine you’re a rat in a maze and you’re trying to find the cheese.  That’s your goal.  You get whiffs of the cheese sometimes when you turn a corner, so you head in that direction.  But sometimes you run into a dead end.  So you have to turn around, head back, and look for a new path to your cheese.  Sometimes you take an egregiously wrong turn that puts you on a path that will essentially take you far away from the cheese.  It can be frustrating.  It’s especially frustrating when you are really close to the cheese but on the wrong side of the maze wall!  No easy way around that; you’ve got to find a new route.

As hard as it may seem to navigate the maze and find the cheese, every rat has help.  Spirit guides, angels, and your higher self are all there to help you find your way.  They can’t reach down, pick you up, turn you around, and pat your bottom as they send you down the right path.  That’s sort of like cheating.  But they can influence your direction and let you know when you’re going down the right and/or the wrong path. 

When you’re headed down the wrong path they will, metaphorically speaking, put their hands down in front of you so you run into them.  You bounce off and wonder what’s blocking your way when the path seems open and clear.  So you try again, and bounce off their invisible hand again.  Hmm… what’s wrong?  Maybe you even try again, but they keep their hands there as if to say, “Stop!  You’re going the wrong way.”  The problem is that every rat has free will.  So if a rat tries really hard to get through the block, he will succeed.  The spirit will have to step aside, sigh, and watch you head down the wrong path.  It may take a long time for you to complete that path only to find a dead end waiting for you and no cheese!  You may become very demoralized when this happens as you realize you need to head all the way back the way you came and try another path.

Maybe you’re a more aware rat, though, and when you run into one of these spiritual roadblocks you realize quickly that you are headed the wrong way and the universe is telling you so.  You stop, perk your nose up, and try to smell the cheese again.  You look to your right and notice a new path that just happens to be open.  Instead of continuing down the path that is blocked, you turn right and head in a different direction.  The spirits are pleased and you may even pick up on their ethereal applause.

If you are very aware, you will notice every time a spirit or angel dips their hand into your maze.  The first time they do this, there will always be an open path for you to take in a different direction.  If you resist and keep heading in the wrong direction they will continue to put their hands down but now the only way to make a change is to head back the way you came and try another path.  This is not very productive.

So the goal is to notice when you’re being blocked and change your course right away.  I’m not talking about hurdles and hoops; the challenges that come your way that you’re supposed to overcome to achieve your goals.  I’m talking about when you’re going the wrong way entirely and the spirits are trying to put a stop to it.  For example, if you’re an alcoholic and your wife is threatening to leave you.  You don’t listen.  Then you get into a car accident and total your car, and you still don’t listen.  Then you end up in jail and rehab, and still don’t listen.  And then you reach a dead end, emphasis on the dead. 😉  Game over, maze gone, cheese moldy.

It can take some practice to realize when the universe is stepping in to guide you or block you.  But if you’re trying really hard to do something and you just can’t seem to make any headway, stop and smell the cheese and make sure you’re really headed in the right direction.  That’s something I can help you with if you book a reading with me.  I can let you know if you’re running down the wrong path or if you’re listening well and heading down the right one.  I can also tell you how close you are to that cheese.

Finding the cheese is an amazing experience.  Not only do you feel total joy and bliss, you get a nice little snack for all your effort. 😉  Plus you get to sit back for a while and just enjoy the glory of having successfully navigated the maze of life to reach your goal.

Listen to your spirit guides, higher self, and the angels.  They can see the entire maze and they can see how close you are to the cheese.  Don’t allow yourself to waste valuable time running in the wrong direction.  That cheese is waiting for you and it’s all yours.

Are you headed in the right direction or is your path leading you to a dead end?  The longer you wait to take action when you’re headed down the wrong path, the more time it takes to get back on the right path.  And really, who has that kind of time and energy?

Every time you come to a fork in the road ask your guides to give you a sign about which direction will lead to your cheese.  Trust in your higher self and guides to send you in the right direction.  You know how mazes work… sometimes you have to go in the opposite direction to find the clear path to your cheese.  Have trust, faith and courage in yourself and your guides and you’ll find the cheese, every time.

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